AJs - Boss Hogg Outlawz Presents Slim Thug - 10 Years Later: I Represent This Part .2 (CD, Album)

He influences me just by his individuality and his originality. He just gave me some advice about what to do in the music industry. My album is coming out on my own label called Hoodrok. Who would you say is your biggest influence? She defied all odds with what she did. But my personal influence is my sister. Who else should we be looking out for in Dallas this year? And T. Love hard, live hard, rock harder. I started singing at the age of four but have been singing professionally since the age of I received my first gold record from that.

In between being back and forth with our own label I did joint ventures with Paradise Recordings and Pearl Records. Those two labels never did get off the ground or work out for me, so it was back to our own label and I never did another joint venture with anybody else.

Now I think my business ethics, skills and music have really progressed. While everything was really taking off for the South, I was featured on over albums.

I was on a lot of radio hits, street hits, and a lot of songs that fell by the wayside but people still listen to til this day. You take a different approach to your music. How do you describe yourself musically? I kind of associate myself with everything because the world has so much to offer.

I came out of the church singing gospel. I was raised in the church so the soul has always been there. It shows. I think everything is spiritually influenced. In my music, I exploit it with the hip-hop and gangsta music. With my background, being black, I think the soul in my music comes from back in the slavery People call it gutter singing.

In junior high I was in the orchestra. When I was in high school I was in the choir so I had to learn how to read music. But I strayed away from that. What all have you released so far? Some of those were overseas albums.

I also have my underground album of all my greatest features. Do they know much about Southern music over there? They know a lot about Southern music. They have shelves and shelves of music. They love the South and Texas music. They have Chicano rap, South rap, Texas music period. Texas has the biggest shelf. I was thankful those people finally got a hold of me. And in the rap game, a boss is a CEO of his own label. How did the Boss Hogg Outlawz come about? Chris Ward, we hooked and we ended up working together, clicking up.

And he brought through Killa. And it all came together like that. The Boyz N Blue only consists of like three, four dudes. The Boss Hogg Outlawz is everybody. We got my shit coming out April 24th, Boss of All Bosses. Then we gonna drop Boys N Blue. They are a lot of members in the group. Was it to get everyone some shine? I was simple for me cause during the making of this album I stayed in the mix. I stayed in the studio. So it was real cool, the process of making it. Slim Thug: I just let niggas do them.

Chris Ward: There are a few [tracks] that I just fall back from. We kinda almost know what was for who. And sometimes though, what we did with a lot of them, everybody writes a verse. If the song is just super, super jamming, everybody lays a verse. And you know how that goes, you go hard or go home. Tell me about the Boyz in Blue. What are we going to get when the album drops? I just get straight to the point.

I might get a little street, a little fly, whatever. We real stand up guys. Chris, what do you bring to the Boss Hogg Outlawz? Chris Ward: I bring a whole other swagger to it. Cause we all do our own thing and everybody stands for something different. As a team we kinda like Voltron. We all connect in a different kind of way. I kinda just bring the flyness to the table. I guess I bring some of the flyboy swagger to the table. But at the same time I still give it to them raw and gutter.

Tell me about the album. Chris Ward: The game right now is real crazy. I know a lot of people in the industry do. We all have alter egos. Killa gon do his thing. The rest of this interview is featured in the April issue of ozone. I remember when I wanted a Karaoke Machine.

I was like in 4th grade beating on lunch tables and rapping at football games, beating on stands and battling people. They called me Lil Rap-A-Lot. Everywhere I went I had to battle somebody, so every week somebody felt like they was ready for me. It just started from there all the way to me recording CDs. I did that CD and I liked how it sounded and everybody else gave me a good response. They kept telling me I need to do it for real. I was playing for a little bit but then I seen it was gonna take me too long to make money playing basketball - you know you gotta get a scholarship, do this and that, so it took too long.

I picked up the rap game real strong towards the 9th grade. I spit a hot 16 and he liked it. He threw me a beat CD right then and there. So I got to writing and he was liking what he heard and he picked me up. I just record. I just do me and record. Music to me is just basically having fun. I take the game serious, but as far as music and stuff, the only time I get real serious is when something gets real fucked up.

Like my daddy dying. Yeah, I got shot 12 times. It was a drive by. Our generation right now is fucked up cuz back then motherfuckers would rather be in the burbs than the hood. For what? You end up getting killed. What do you mean? Like white folks coming in and gentrifying neighborhoods and destroying all the low income housing? Naw, man. People, period. Why would you want to move to the hood when you already in a good environment? Me, my momma got out the hood. She got tired of it. We moved out of Oakcliffe and my mom moved to Duncanville.

Everybody was looking at us as different, cause we some different-ass niggas. We came into Duncanville High School just different. So now niggas trying to do shit we do just because. Anyway, my daddy got killed on September 12th, It was a set up. He was riding with a female, he stopped at this corner store and the bitch ran in and came out with a nigga. Then my daddy pulled his out. My Daddy put the car in reverse, then went in drive, and lost consciousness like 15 seconds in.

So the man ran from the store all the way to the street, threw him out his car on the median and him and the other girl burned out and after that some people came and seen my daddy was outside and rushed him to the hospital. Then I got shot October 17th, , a month later in a drive by. How old were you? Like nine or ten years old?

I was like I got shot in Duncanville. There was the Wolves and Hollywood, that was the rivalry. Put it like this, for Duncanville those were the two hoods. I was staying in the Wolves for a little bit but after that my momma One day they had did a drive by, they rode through two times and the third time they shot. G: Edo. Esau: The Drum and Bass Album The Chancellor G.

The Game: The R. Headnotic: Headnotic Beats Vol. Life and Times of S. Cole: The Warm Up J. Cole: Born Sinner J. By Yodayae1K] Genasis Ft. Future - Frozen Water 11 - Berner Ft. Title 01 Eric Bellinger Feat. By Indeedface, Illa Jones, Teauxny Meek Mill - Digits Remix 04 D.

By Murda Beatz] 12 Migos - Nawfside Yfn Lucci [Prod. Lil Durk [Prod. By Track Gordy] 10 Moneybagg Yo Rihanna 02 Eminem - Roman's Revenge Feat. Title 01 Ciara - Ride Feat. Will most likely be wonderful regardless of exactly where it brings. It will address your full demands. Is really a stratum involving high level of good quality. He is nevertheless true laid back he has close friends and likes playing with them, but only for a brief whilst.

Seriously he acts like children get on his nerves or anything. His second grade teacher asked me about this th other day. Sadly although, these very comfy boots are fast disappearing from shelves and stock rooms. In the end, chanel bags some sports activities superstars in style, Daddy, spouse Jesse Beckham alluring "shake cash" directory absolute all-Paare Jesse :. Donald Beckham Donald Beckham assistance relating to 13 Millionen inside "ein past far more than the prior year of a single.

Beckham Brian Beckham focuses primarily on the operations and also marketing rights Portr? Angelina Jolie — You see those sexy lips? She got sexy ass eyes too. Yeah, she can get it. I like her power in her movies. Katy Perry — Katy Perry is the truth. I fucks with Katy Perry. I kissed a girl, then I kissed a girl again. Esther Baxter — For the simple fact that Esther Baxter is stacked like a muthafucker. Got to give her props. You can tell back in her days she was a straight tiger.

Vivica Fox — Vivica, man! Stacey Dash, she can truly, truly get it. Birds of a Feather Stick Together — You find yourself attracted to people that hate the same things you hate. Haterade is Your Favorite — You even thought Haterade was an actual drink.

If in doubt, assume you are one. We need to put things behind us and get on with our lives. We can all be whatever we want to be if we put God first. The lyrics are relevant and meaningful. I gave you Triple Beam Dreams. I gave you Against All Odds. Production — I got J. Producers get a lot of credit for making albums become classic albums.

Everything about the album was put together like a classic, from the production to the features. I grew up watching Boomerang and all that so it was weird.

Rick Ross — I met him before I got a deal. After the deal, we kicked it at studios or whatever. But when I met him he was a cool ass dude. He talked to me and explained different shit I should try with my records. We had some good conversations. I met a lot of executives before I got my deal but when I met him, he was just different.

He was cool. A lot of record label execs were bullshitting with me but he believed in me as an artist more than just the one record I had out. He saw my movement and my potential and looked as me as being no different than Nelly. I appreciated that. Trey Songz — I met him in Vegas and it was funny — he was crazy drunk when I met him. But dude is really gangsta, really street. He was twisted. Nigga cool. BloodRaw and Slick Pulla — I met them niggas and they fucked with me.

I was fucking with this chick that wanted two miniature [dogs] so I bought a boy and a girl. When Blood came to my house, the girl had just went into heat and she got stuck together with the boy dog. Winky Wright — Me and Winky Wright kick it crazy. We play hoops together. He was out there just like every other artist. He was in there doing interviews and DVD shit — just grinding.

Yung Berg —Me and Yung Berg are cool as fuck too. Fat Joe — I fuck with him stronger than anybody else. I was doing the promotions thing before I got my deal and I brought him down for a couple of shows.

Tampa was fucking with my record before anyone else. And this nigga Fat Joe was on the stage — he knew me from Bradenton — and he kept saying my name like times. I see ya in the corner. I really fuck with him. The next day he hit me and invited me to Miami for Memorial Day Weekend. It takes place the whole month of May. The kids love it as well. I like to put them on the map as much as possible.

I grew up in Memphis. I gotta keep them right there on tuck. Them my homies. Pass on Knowledge — To me knowledge is the key.

Knowledge is more important than money, power, or respect. I try to pass that on. On Thanksgiving we provide turkeys, dressing, yams, greens and just let everybody come eat, make sure everybody gets fed. We gotta do as much community service as possible. We got our own Drum Squad clothing. I just do me and represent myself and be as fashionable as possible. I dress to impress. When I look good, Memphis looks good. Dudes are getting into music and making beats to get out of the hood.

They see that if I did it, they can do it too. Deliver Quality Product — Quality music is important. I represent Memphis music. Anyone who is a fan of my music is a fan of Memphis music. We got street teams and crews that hit all of the events; make sure our flyers are throughout the whole city. When anyone comes through the city they see us and know we got the whole city locked down. Anything I do or accomplish, the city accomplishes. You switch your whole flavor up — your clothes, your car game.

They get trapped in the trap. Waiting on a Bus — A lot of folks in Atlanta gotta use the transit [system] so they might be at the bus stop or something. He finna make his move on another nigga. They just have the same style. Flash — Flash would be Twista, of course. Superman — Hov is Superman all day. Superman would definitely be like Jay-Z. We saw the potential in 2 Pistols and that song. When we first got together with him, we knew the potential was there.

We just knew it had to be done right. We had to go back and re—record it and make sure it was right, but I knew it was gonna be huge. We started off with the sample, with a monumental track, and Jeezy came behind it and really stepped it up with the story he told. I like that track.

Mary J. That was her first song on The Breakthrough album. She showed a lot of emotion right there. We came in and added a lot of instrumentation. We really took our time with that beat. We went back and make sure everything was right. Me and all the homies went in the back to the VIP and every girl that worked in the club came back there. It went from the homie making it thunder to girls doing any and everything you can imagine inside this room.

When I left, I went right to sleep. Onyx — Houston, TX — Whoa! Onyx is outta control. When I used to go to Onyx, we would go in at about 3 AM and leave when the sun came up. After we partied and spent about 2 or 3 stacks, they would come out with pancakes and bacon and French toast.

They provide that for you with the best breakfast. He always throws parties there and he did a couple parties for me. The outside was so packed the police had to shut it down. It was unbelievable. The girls were fly. Diamonds — Miami, FL — Crazy! It was bananas. There was about 20 girls in this one little box just butt naked, all on each other. It looked out of control. It was sexy. The after-event was unexplainable.

The ending was as happy as it could get. It felt like a club in there. The chicks are cool. The vibe is real chill. You can drink and have a good time. I love Strokers. We did it big in there. Party in the Club Scene — All us round up and hit the club scene.

Club Crucial is on Bankhead. I go up there on Thursday or Saturday. Velvet Room on Sunday. I might go over to Bricks 20 off Candler Road or Adamsville. After I get my cologne, I go to the Gucci shop.

He owsn a couple of jewelry stores — one in Greenbriar Mall, one in the Cobb Galleria Mall, and a few other stores too. Lennox Mall — We like to go out to Lennox Mall. Everybody likes to bring their good cars out to Lennox and put it in valet on a good day. I like to go to Metro Park. I like Soulstice. I pull out the Mercedes on a good day. I go there to get my white tees, black tees, Air Force Ones, and my A hats.

Those are my two favorites. I also like Magic City and Onyx. Watch all my videos and get all my CDs to learn how to be a Rich Boy. Get my mixtape Bigger Than Tthe Mayor. Rep Alabama — You have to be born in Alabama like me.

Always Put God First — God has given me my success, most definitely. Be Yourself — Always be original. I listened to a lot of old stuff like Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. I like music like that, even Keith Sweat. Love What You Do — You gotta really love it.

Expand Your Business — I might start a car care center. I might open up a shoe store. You have to build yourself. Be Creative with Your Thinking — You have to think of ways to make money, not spend money. Believe in Yourself — With my situation, I believe in myself so much. Prior to the show I was getting a massage at my hotel and decided to walk outside. I had to sneak in the back door of the club. The VIP was crazy.

What really stood out was when I was on stage. I was wondering why everybody had their I. I was like, why are they holding out their I. Is that some new type of swag? Malaysia — They had me as a headliner for a big Hennessy event recently. They called police and stuff to stand by the stage.

As far as being loud, those were the craziest fans. It was probably about 5, people but it seemed like it was about 20, Germany — I did a show about an hour and a half away from the hotel.

Right after the show it was a bunch of girls and guys that wanted autographs. It got so crazy I had to leave. When I got back to the hotel, it was people in the lobby and by my room door. They had to change my room and everything. I did a lot of television shows and magazine covers.

Texas Hood Connections [Screwed]. Texas Hood Connections. Syrup City Hitz. Straight out Da Bottle. Of the Presidential. Guest Artist, Performer, Primary Artist. Money over Everything. Southside Pentagon. Mexican Bangin' Screw, Vol. Mexicans Bangin' Screw. From Da Manjah. Mddl Fngz. Key Players Vol. I Grindin'. Dallas to Houston. I Came to Wreck. Big Tiger.

Hurricane Hustla. Doin' Dem Boyz. Southern Made Playaz. Boss Hogg Outlaws. Back to Ballin'. Lil' Troy. Ain't Went No Where. The Leprechaun. The Houston Hard Hitters, Vol. Screwed Swisha House Mix.

Houston Hard Hitters. Leanin' Hard Down South. Big Snap. I Connection. Mobb Squad. Da Mista Masta Chopped. Da Mista Masta. Clicka, Vol. Texas Niggaz. City Under Siege. Can I Live? By Prescription Only. Big Sipp'n Down South. The Day Hell Broke Loose. Liner Notes, Primary Artist. Texas Syndicate. Fe Presents. Screwed Up Click. Black n' Mild. Magical Sol Brothas. Whut It Dew: The Album. We Run Texas. Chris Ward. Underworld Mobster. Uncrowned King.

Young Easy. Twerk Something. Too Much Music, Vol. Grit Boy Gang. Thug Life Life Is Crazy. Throweder Than Throwed 2K This World. The Best of the Block. The Main Event. The Don Ke Chronicles.

Tha Boss. Texas Takeover, Vol. Killa Kyleon. Swishahouse the Best in Texas Street Legends, Pt. Still on Da Grind 2K5. Something Real. Trae tha Truth. Slab Soldierz Radio. Singles from the Album "The Legend". Ride with Me. Rep the Dirty. Rap-A-Lot 25th Anniversary. Rap Game, Trap Game. Rap Battle. Musician, Primary Artist. Purple Drank, Vol. Promo Only: Urban Radio September Promo Only: Urban Radio February Promo Only: Urban Club September Promo Only: Urban Club June Promo Only: Urban Club February Promo Only: Rhythm Radio February Progression IV: All Freestyles.

Kirko Bangz. On Another Note, Vol. No Seeds, Vol. No Favors. My Theme Music. Dre Day. My Slab "Str8 Top Droppa".

Dec 10,  · boss hogg outlawz presents: killa kyleon - welcome back to the hood boss hogg outlawz presents: killa kyleon - welcome to tha hood boss hogg outlawz presents: pj - rap hustler boss hogg outlawz presents: pj - rap hustler 2 boss hogg outlawz presents: sir daily & lil mel - money hungry (slowed) botany boys - thought of many ways bun-b - trill.

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  1. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Boss Hogg Outlawz Presents Slim Thug - 10 Years Later: I Represent This Part.2 at Discogs. Complete your Boss Hogg Outlawz Presents Slim Thug collection/5(4).
  2. Label: Boss Hogg Outlawz - OAR-CD • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Gangsta, Thug Rap Boss Hogg Outlawz Presents Slim Thug - 10 Years Later: I Represent This Part.2 (, CD) | Discogs.
  3. OAR-CD Boss Hogg Outlawz Presents Slim Thug: Boss Hogg Outlawz Presents Slim Thug - 10 Years Later: I Represent This Part.2 ‎ (CD, Album) Boss Hogg Outlawz: OAR-CD US: Sell This Version/5(4).
  4. Rapper from Houston, Texas. Leader and member of the Boss Hogg Outlawz, he gained mainstream attention for Mike Jones' single "Still Tippin". He released several solo albums and worked with many artists such as Scarface, Lil Keke, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Z-Ro, T.I., U.G.K., Pharrell, or even Beyoncé and Gwen Stefani.
  5. Slim Thug - Boss Hogg Outlawz Slim Thug - Thug It Up Slim Thug - The Snitch Slim Thug - Gangstafied Slim Thug - North 2 Tha South Slim Thug - We Ain`t Broke No Mo Slim Thug - Life Slim Thug - Texas Boys Slim Thug - Murder Weapon Slim Thug - .
  6. Slim Thug and The Boss Hogg Outlawz-Back To Front Bw Recognize-Promo CDMWiS Slim Thug-Already Platinum-(Bonus CD)RNS Slim Thug-Already Platinum-(Proper Retail)C4 Slim Thug-Boss Of All BossesGT4 Slim Thug-Greatest HitsSUT Slim Thug-I Represent This Part CD-BootlegGT4 Slim Thug-I Run-(Promo CDS)WHOA.
  7. Slim Thug) 5. () Dre Day - Ham (Feat. Slim Thug) 6. () Dre Day - I Rep (Feat. Ludacris, Slim Thug & Kez) 7. () Dre Day - Champagne Shower (Feat. Slim Thug & MUG) 8. () Dre Day - Miss Me (Feat. Slim Thug) 9. () Dre Day - (Flow) (Feat. Young Von) () Dre Day - Black & Yellow (Flow) (Feat.
  8. D:\Mp3s\ D:\Mp3s\1 - Swisha House Shit\\3rd Degree Ent. Presents - Texas All Stars\ D:\Mp3s\1 - Swisha House Shit\\Boss Hogg Outlawz - Platinumstarz 2k3\.
  9. L.E.$. – The Beautiful Struggle Verfasst von Oralapostel am Freitag, Juli um Releasedate , Free Download. Die Jungs von OnSmash präsentieren das Mixtape von Boss Hogg Outlawz Member L.E.$adtaralearniga.guabnetdmembrebeddatiridmezarpoxi.co Beautiful Struggle featured den Oberbauss Slim Thug, Big K.R.I.T. und weitere.(Weiter lesen).

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