Beyond The Astral Worlds (Cactus Arising Remix)

We have also had many pleasant excursions among the beautiful scenery and magnificent buildings of the higher regions of the astral world and met many of its blessed inhabitants, as well as contacting some of the more unpleasant dwellers in the lower regions. But we will refrain from describing them as all they can teach us is what not to attune with in our astral journeyings. You may be asking at this point, "yes, this is all very well, but how do I learn the technique of 'astral' projection?

You can do this through deep meditation as we discuss in a later article in this Course. The genuine Occult Orders give their students certain exercises to acquire and develop the technique of so-called 'astral projection', but we prefer the term 'extension of consciousness', for this is what astral projection really is.

Such exercises are the secrets of the Orders who teach them and it would be against all occult laws for us to reveal them.

Moreover, even if we were to reveal them it would not help you. For unless you are under the constant and close personal supervision of a trained Master or Adept in the occult sciences, such information would do little good but might do untold harm, as we explain our Occult FAQ.

For this reason any astral projection exercises or techniques which you may have read about in books or encountered on the Internet, no matter how 'famous' and 'highly regarded' the authors of such books may be, are best avoided. Even if you should achieve limited success with such methods, the results you obtain will be of very little value to you. For unless you have been trained to recognise exactly where you are in the Astral World, and the real nature of the conditions and beings you may encounter there, you are in much the same position as a terrestrial explorer who ventures into unknown regions without map, compass, guide, or any idea of what to expect.

In short, your observations and discoveries may mean anything or nothing, and this is one of the main reasons channeled 'New Age' teachings are mostly such complete nonsense, as you can read in our afterword to this article on your right. Some readers have told us that they experience 'terrifying vibrations', loud 'rushing noises' and all manner of other strange and often unpleasant symptoms when attempting to leave their physical body.

Let us say at once that all such symptoms are almost always due to physical or mental tension of some kind brought on by over-excitement and worry about what might happen. The idea of leaving your body helpless whilst you go wandering about in the Astral World has frightened the life out generations of occult students, who were afraid they would never get back inside themselves!! Let us reassure you that this is quite impossible in actuality, whatever you may have read or heard to the contrary.

Finally, we have known and do know, some occult students who become so addicted to 'astral travelling' when such excursions are not the figment of their overheated imaginations that they become quite unbalanced about their 'amazing' experiences, which they relate with great relish to anyone who will listen to them, or post them on YouTube for the entertainment of other, equally vapid, thrill-seekers and mystery-mongers.

No possible good can come of such obsessions, which at best are nothing more than a form of mystical self-indulgence which do not add one iota to our store of Wisdom, and at worst mislead the seeker into all manner of errors and delusions.

Paracelsus, in his Philosophia Saga , states: "The current of the astral light with its peculiar inhabitants, gnomes, sylphs, etc. At the birth of a child, they influence the four temperaments of the latter. The element of the gnomes Earth predominates in melancholy persons; of the salamanders Fire in the sanguine pleasure-seeking and sociable ; of the undines Water in the phlegmatic relaxed and quiet ; of the sylphs Air in the Choleric or giddy and bilious These are the spirits which we designate under the term of the four Occult Elements.

So, if any ladies are reading this, when someone next compliments you on your "sylph-like" figure, perhaps you won't feel quite so proud! What the Kabbalists term the astral light, the Buddhists call Svabhavat , and some higher metaphysical schools even state that this astral light is a self-existent matter, which has never been created, but always was, without beginning or end, past or future.

This atmosphere is said to be constantly changing every minute of every day. When we consider all that we have said up to now about the various thought-forms that are constantly being projected into, and reflected back from, the astral light, this statement seems very reasonable to us. Herakleides said that the knowledge of the astral world was the great secret of the highest initiation. You can read more about matter from the standpoint of occult science in our article why matter matters.

We have seen in our previous articles about Karma, Reincarnation, Evolution and Intelligence that the human Higher Self or immortal ego ascends from the physical by successive stages until at last it leaves all material dross behind and joins with the spiritual essence from which it first descended; rich with the experience it has garnered during its sojourns here on earth and in the various spheres or planes in which it dwells in between incarnations.

If these teachings are true, and we are in no doubt of it and hope that you are not either, what an awe-inspiring journey it is! But to succeed in that journey, wherever it may take us, we need FAITH , which is the subject of our next and eighth article in this Occult studies course.

Updated 20 January This may seem a rather unkind and unjust indictment of the New Age movement and its beliefs and practises, but it is precisely because it is such a hotchpotch of multitudinous and indiscriminate subjects and objects that is so very dangerous a forest for the inexperienced navigator of the Occult Jungle.

Please do not misunderstand us. There is much of value in many of the beliefs, teachings and even practises of the Western spiritual movement that comes under the broad umbrella of the New Age , New Thought, "Mind, Body and Spirit", etc.

Unfortunately, this "umbrella" also covers much that misrepresents, distorts and misinterprets the OLD Age Wisdom, and this can and does do real harm, especially to those inexperienced seekers who have no firm religious faith and no knowledge of the occult and its many traps and pitfalls.

Let us examine "channeling"—a popular practise among many "New Agers" who draw upon it for much of their teachings, beliefs and revelations. What is channeling but mediumship under a new name? We have told you in this article see left just what are the beings and conditions mediums contact in their efforts to reach "the other side. We have only to read the "messages" received from such "angel guides" and "extraterrestrials" to see at once that they contain nothing that could not have been present in the channeler's own mind, and has now been reflected back to them, as it were, by the elemental or elementary spirits with whom they have attuned themselves.

Generally these messages consist of nothing more than simplistic statements that may mean anything or nothing. At other times they "reveal" mystical teachings and principles that were better expressed by the great philosophers of the past, who, of course, these channelers of pious platitudes and trite tracts have never read, preferring to obtain what passes for their erudition from the muddy fountain of New Age nonsense that is spewed forth by every pretender to Truth literate enough to mutilate the mystical teachings of more capable authors, add a big dash of psychobabble, and pass it off as a "new" revelation of spiritual verities.

And, lo! We wonder whether the Russian mystic Ouspensky had a premonition of this when he wrote that: "Pseudo-religion, pseudo-philosophy, pseudo-science, and pseudo-art are practically all that we know.

We are fed on substitutes, on 'margarine' in all aspects and forms. Very few of us know the taste of genuine things" New Model of the Universe , Yes— genuine things! Paradojas Original Mix. Eros Original Mix. Mindboggler Year Livemix. Morning After Original Mix. Tesla Principle. Groombridge Original Mix. Cactus Arising.

Common Cold Original Mix. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Goa Luni. It's All About The Music. Goa Wave. Last Fight. Going To The Galaxies. I'm A Maniac. Feel The Forest.

Human Intelligence. Time Serenity. Future Past. Ion Vader. The Source. The Incredible Machine EP. Illusions Of Reality. Lectral Spectral Daze. Goastral , Oaken Live. Nostromosis , Z-cat , X-avenger. Most of the tracks are written with analog equipment. First of all Radical Distortion - The Dreamer all the synth lines and all the track is written by analog synths, accompinied with some VA synths. My main goal was to reproduce the original atmosphere of the track.

Thank also Nick Polytarides for all the help provided in the modular synthesizers. Next is coming the remix to Fiery Dawn - Mahacala which is the last from the mix of the analogue equipment and the usage of VST together.

This remix was the first that i have tried some new analogue synths and you can hear it as acid line sin the mix.

Apr 20,  · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue.

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  1. Timewarp Music presents Siam with their latest track titled Beyond the Astral Worlds Cactus Arising Remix. “Cactus Arising” is the GOA Trance project of two friends from Greece, sharing the same interest in music. The members are Mike Loizos & Steve Tzokas. They started listening this music in mid – 90’s. Their interest of [ ].
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