Chymera - Parelo (Vinyl)

But outside of the "PSA" framing, it's basically my best of dubstep mix that steers clear of only the most obvious hits No Burial, No 'Night' no 'midnight request line' etc. Oh and the flow of the mix is loosely based on From Dusk Till Dawn and Pirates of the Caribbean the actual ride, not the movies.

In the meantime, let's say we get together and try and fix all this other shit that is presently falling apart at the seams, yeah? PS the more bass you employ, the better this sounds. Labels: AIDS 2. Well, here I am, wriggling around in a swamp of my own makings, just trying to convince my mind that we don't want to actively experience this icy hot mess of an existence anymore.

Not today, no sir Still, can't seem to get the autonomics to cooperate right now, so tonight, I'm actually gonna humor one of the little bloglet dillys that tend to buzz around my periphery. I'm not exactly sure wtf that means or wtf a bloglet evens is sounds kinda retarded to me I catch em hovering around the outskirts of this old dilapidated cumberbun quite a bit these days.

Couldn't tell you why either, I've had the wherewithal to keep the little bastards at bay for a good while now. I just have to assume that my weakened state has allowed some sort of leakage to seep through the anti-germination foam we use to plug the holes around the blood-brain barrier Looks like the hyperbole and the meta-wallowing are also making some fast inroads again, so before we start a tone war and threaten all the progress we've made in not blogging But enough!!!

Let the embeddening So I've been on a big industrial kick lately. Since the advent of free everything, i've gone back and explored a fair deal of what I missed. Or at least I might I claim I was I'm just realizing I totally wrote Trent off as too old in an arena rock kinda way after With Teeth.

Its tough for shit to get under your skin when things get too anthemic and overproduced, ya know? I can get down with a little bit of his new shit though for sure In case you didn't know, this song is siiiiick! The vid reminds me of the movie Hardware. It was this super awesome early 90's sci-fi horror flick starring D.

McDermot and Burglekutt from Willow. They actually featured "Stigmata" in it as a music video, but put a Gwar vid as the actual footage. That gets my vote for illest mashup of easy. Historians take note. White Zombie-Thunderkiss I can't answer my own question via teh googles so I'm gonna give the title to Rob, just because his get-ups are pretty much outta control.

That one where he looks like a Gen X pod racer??? Yeah, I don't even know, i guess he's kinda got like a post-apocalyptic yet proto-hot topic thing going on??? XD "Kill Everything. Kill Everything. That's not Enough Also, it's pretty hard to deny the aesthetic simplicity of bold typography Also, you think Shepard Fairey liked this video? Also, what if you had like a little side tv built in your vision and all you saw was clowns exploding all day non-stop?

Anyway, art and animation by Brute. Do you think dude liked japanese tentacle porn stuff? It feels weird to me that that concept is so old in my head.

Like shouldn't I be worried that that doesn't even strike me as all that strange anymore, relatively speaking? And then I think about all the shitty little myspace tweens who've seen the shit before me! I've seen a couple prominent culture kids about town bringing back the flipped Suicidal Tendencies brim.

Gotta strike when the irons hot, right? Not hating though. Rollins Band coming with the similarly bipolar song structure. The sets, the colors, Henry Rollins getting progressively grimier throughout while busting out with the maniac eyes. Bonafide classic for both Headbangers Ball and the Alternative Nation. Primus-My Name is Mud this goes next because of the ill shots with the tree and the dead sky remind me of some of the colors in the last one.

Dude 1: I was there man! I keep it real! I vaguely remember Plant Man and thinking dude was awesome in a cracked out uncle kinda way. I didn't know he used to be the drummer for Pavement though. No mere blogpost could ever contain my reverence for the organization nor posit some sort of convenient explanation as to what it all entails, so I'll just leave you with THE LINK.

One of my favorite really crappy videos ever. Maybe it's just cause I dig this song a lot but whatevers, it totally works for me. Just some slow mo illin' in the woods I grew up near Venice Beach, but I don't remember seeing a lot of hobo humpin' slobo babes around. Maybe they were just kinda slick about their hobo humping?? I don't know, I guess I was kinda oblivious as kid But they also paved the way for a bunch of other shitty rock bands where the lead singer just kinda talks and stuff Cake, Bloodhound Gang,etc.

Remember that movie Posse with Mario Van Peebles? Yeah, I never saw it either but I assume it was a lot like this video. I always had an affinity for the lead singers squinty eyes. Then mtv caught wind of it and threw it on the television because they thought it was hilarious.

I've been playing this out a lot over the past year. It doesn't even get a great response, a little bit of scattered acknowledgment that dies off fairly quickly, but hey This was the one that got me hooked. Back when Chris Cornell's mane was wild yet intoxicating and Kim Thayil couldn't decide if he was a rasputin or a nordic frost giant. Grace Jones was another one of those artists I can recall but didn't really get at the time. She was just that one weird terminator broad who looked like a mannequin.

Now, while I'm not the biggest fan of all her music, I still gotta give her mad respect for being on her own shit. She's definitely got some jams though. Can we ever get back to the point societally where this is prime time entertainment? Honestly, I don't think so. Labels: October :: Cut 2 :: Video Teaser. Posted by Deep House Cat at 4 comments Links to this post. Shur I Kan - Feeling It 3. Synthcast - 3rd 4. Compuphonic - Jaguar Running 5.

Marcel Wave - 71 Aldie 6. Tea Dancers - Cosmic Dance 7. Tim Richards - Morning Light 8. Pezzner - Other Lover 9. Soul Designer - Species Intro 2. Terrence Parker Feat. Loader Feat. Patrick Green Feat. Ike Therry Pres. Face Feat. Serge Negri Feat. Mimosa Feat. Jaimy Feat. Exium - Intro Original Mix Intro 2. Anton Lanski - Not Enough 3. Steve Ferrand - Morning Glory 4. Isidoros vs Pura - Cheeky Kiky 6.

Soul Shift - Feel It 9. X - Introduction Original Mix - Tresor 2. Mirror Music - Medicine 12" Mix - Soma 3. Playone - Surrender - Exquisite Music 4. Andy Sant Feat. Spin Science - Explorations - Urbantorque Recordings Paulina Slusarek, Korablove, Foremost Poets 1. Ryan Loader Feat. Glubina - Casino Royal 5. Mick Verma - The Long Rhode 9. Grzesznikovy Feat. Korablove - Lantern Lights Bernard Badie Feat.

Renovation Unlimited Feat. Gui Boratto - Mr. BoH — Oldskool! What does the long-term future hold for Fred Deakin? FD - Death and decay. And chocolate! What pose would you be in and where would you want it to stand?

FD - I would have my hands in the air reaching for the laser and it would be in Soho Square. But if Boris Johnson Jr. So there you have it, Fred Deakin shares his thoughts with us. Organigato Night pe 5. Vanishing Waves. Ville Lope Fiksaatio Afterparty Homegrove Miscbehaving, Rose Garden, Helsinki 4. Muzik - Astralis Raica Remix Bellarine 4. Abyss - Memories Lilith 6. Brusca - Pink Floyd Bootleg cdr 8.

Oscar G feat. Roberto Rodriguea - Motor Plastic City Pryda - Rakfunk Pryda Martin Buttrich - Again Cocoon Wish EP 12". Umbrella 12". The original mix of "Umbrella" is a beautiful deep techno journey. The track has a very emotional feel and is clearly influenced by the sounds of Detroit. Funk D'void steps in on the remix and pumps the energy up, making this a stormer.

On the b-side Spooky funks the track out with a synth bass line that completely changes the vibe. This is an amazing package and should be rocking the dancefloors all summer. The Silent Running EP 12". Morse Belgium. Satura 12". Midnight At The Aquarium 12". Mezzotinto France. A genius in the making. Descent 12". Supreme Entertainment Austria.

Vienna's enfants terribles keep the faith to their credo of presenting fresh sounds of innovative artists from all over the world. One of those guys is Ireland's Chymera.

After putting his hands on the remix for the last Titanium he's now giving his long awaited debut on Supreme Entertainment. He seems to be a sort of sound chameleon, always ready to have a surprise in store. But there is one constant in his work: every tune is rocking like hell! Consequently it's more than understandable that Josh Wink signed Chymera to his label Ovum after hearing this release!

An impressive deep and catchy melody, a drum setup full of pressure and of course a great production work are the ingredients for Chymera's awesome tune.

This one is not only devastating the floors, it's staying in the dancers' minds for hours! But there's no need to fall into depression, because "There's a light in the end of the tunnel". This key message is only the starting shot for an exciting and incredibly varied production with charismatic spoken words, perfectly timed breaks and that Chymera trademark sub bass we all love him for! Icicle 12". Invisible Agent Ireland.

Parelo Chymera, Jody Wisternoff, Kaveh Soroush, Charles Gudagafva, Jim Pavloff.

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  1. Profile: Producing electronic music since , Irishman Chymera first started gaining wider recognition in His track "Midnight at the Aquarium", sitting neatly at the juxtaposition of house and techno, forcefully announced his arrival on the international scene.
  2. Owned from new, purchased from Swag Records sometime in the 00s. Played sparingly, always on a home setup, not DJed with. Practically NM vinyl; Disc 1 has two really light marks per side when viewed under a w halogen lamp, Disc 2 has a small light scuf%().
  3. Sep 04,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Chymera - Parelo (Jody Wisternoff Remix) YouTube Jody Wisternoff - Cold Drink, Hot Girl (Original Mix) - Duration: JSound Music 79, views.
  4. Oct 24,  · Chymera needs little to no introduction, producing and releasing music since on a multitude of respected imprints like Cocoon, Delsin and Kompakt, he is not only an artist we all admire but.
  5. Apr 17,  · Chymera - Parelo (Jody Wisternoff Remix) - Duration: 20blanka Shine On You Crazy Diamond I - V ( Original Pressing) - Black Vinyl LP - Duration: CJ's Vinyl Recommended.
  6. Dec 16,  · Artist: Chymera Title: Pump Label: Cocoon Recordings Release: COR Available Formats: 10'' Vinyl / Digital Release Date: Written & produced by: Brendan Gregoriy Beatport .
  7. Chymera - Parelo (Jody Wisternoff Mix) - Brandnewvibe Recordings Shur-I-Kan - Whats Going On (Original Mix) - Winding Road Alex Peace - From Inside The Speaker (Twocker Remix) - Movement Music Richard Grey - Thriller (Full Vocal Club Mix) - Pacha Recordings Leon Klein - Vamos A La Playa (Leon Klein & Chris Reece Main Mix.

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