Clouds Of Contempt

A few years ago some of the scientists who work with Dr Seager and in her team started to get interested in phosphine. Though it is not clear how microbes make it, or something which decomposes into it, its association with life is pretty clear among other things, penguin guano seems rich in the stuff.

And it has some nice distinct spectral lines which should be eventually observable in the infrared light from some sorts of exoplanet. In Janet Greaves of the University of Cardiff, thinking along similar lines, decided to see if the JCMT could be used to detect longer-wavelength phosphine lines in the atmosphere of Venus—not an exoplanet, but much easier to study.

She and her colleagues saw something in the appropriate part of the spectrum; but the signal was weak. Those observations, made last year, provided a significantly better signal-to-noise ratio. In the early s some scientists suggested that curious features in the way that the clouds absorb ultraviolet light might be down to microbes making some sort of pigment or other compound to protect themselves from it—perhaps pure sulphur, which could be made through photosynthesis.

Dr Seager, Dr Greaves and some of their colleagues developed a new model for how such life might function, with cells reproducing in the cloud droplets and turning into desiccated spores as the droplets fall towards the surface; rising winds then bring some of these spores back up to the clouds, where they get absorbed into—or possibly catalyse the creation of—new droplets in which to reproduce once again.

This hypothesis is being published in the journal Astrobiology. This speculation is fascinating, but also of a sort which might raise alarm bells. The team did not look at the whole spectrum dispassionately to see what was there; it specifically sought out a feature that could be explained by phosphine, a molecule in which at least some of the scientists were already invested, and found what they were looking for. Other teams need to make their own observations, ideally at other wavelengths.

Contempt can cause deep damage to self-esteem. The despised person understands that nothing is expected from him. Looks or derogatory comments aimed at showing him that for us is nobody, leads to a decrease in self-confidence and a sense of incompetence.

When treated as someone inferior, he can begin to feel like someone inferior. That generates a self-fulfilling prophecy. This pattern is replicated at social level, as demonstrated by a research conducted at Florida State University. These psychologists appreciated that when a group is exposed to contempt and exclusion, its members suffer a decrease in self-esteem and a deterioration in the capacity for self-regulation. That means that these people not only lose confidence in themselves but also lose the ability to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors, which will lead to new conflicts as they are more likely to break the rules.

However, contempt is a double-edged weapon that ends up affecting whoever feels it. This feeling feeds on negative thoughts that simmer over another person or group, which not only leads to dangerous and destructive conflicts, but it is also a source of psychological pain that prevents from finding inner peace.

Although contempt is expressed coldly, inside is a feeling that bustles, so it is not strange that it has been found that when one of the members of the couple despises the other and maintains derogatory attitudes, is more prone to infectious diseases. Contempt is a poison that also destroys the emotional and physical health of those who feel it. Schriber, R. Dispositional contempt: A first look at the contemptuous person.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2 , — The advocate, who was issued notice on July 22 for his two tweet on June 27 and 29 against the judiciary, had tried to explain that the tweets reflected his anguish and were bona fide criticism of the court. The bench, however, said making scurrilous allegations, which are malicious in nature and have the tendency to scandalise the court was not expected from a person, who is a lawyer of 30 years standing.

The court reminded Bhushan that he himself was granted protection from arrest in a criminal case lodged in Rajkot during the period of lockdown on May 1. Since March 23 till August 4, various benches had sittings to hear the matters through video conferencing.

It heard 12, matters and dealt with writ petitions during the period of lockdown. Click here to join our channel indianexpress and stay updated with the latest headlines. Anju Agnihotri Chaba Home India Anti-Modi slogans, dharnas at every metres: Punjab's Doaba witnesses complete shutdown.

Scientists Monday announced the discovery of a possible sign of life high in the clouds of Venus, according to a new study. Joe Biden endorsed, Trump ripped by nearly retired military, national security officials.

Protests resume in Louisville following indictment announcement in Breonna Taylor case. Three of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's most lasting legacies in the fight for equality. Two officers shot during protest after officials announce charges in Breonna Taylor case. Americans can be forgiven for thinking that everything involved in Supreme Court nominations -- all the institutions, traditions, principles, procedures, solemn oaths and columned buildings -- are merely a cover, a disguise for the will to power.

Where there is no authority, all that remains is a contest of power. First, as it stands, the facts are in Kavanaugh's favor. The charge against him is vague, uncorroborated and completely inconsistent with virtually all other accounts of Kavanaugh's character. Second, an accusation of attempted rape can't be allowed to hang in the air without a more serious investigation.

In matters of such cruelty and lasting damage, there is no exemption for youth and inexperience.

1: willful disobedience or open disrespect of the orders, authority, or dignity of a court or judge acting in a judicial capacity by disruptive language or conduct or by failure to obey the court's orders also: the offense of contempt. — called also contempt of court. — civil contempt.

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  1. An intense feeling under a mask of coldness. Contempt can be classified as one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, the source of many of the problems in interpersonal relationships and cause of ruptures and disappointments. Its tentacles are long and can cause a lot of damage, as Voltaire affirmed: “Everything is bearable except contempt”.
  2. Sep 14,  · A mystery lurks in the clouds high above the stifling surface of our nearest planetary neighbor, Venus. Researchers have announced they've found traces of phosphine, a .
  3. Clouds are made of water or ice in the air. They are an important part of Earth's weather.
  4. Sep 14,  · Planetary science Scientists find possible signs of life in the clouds of Venus. The discovery of phosphine in the planet’s atmosphere could redirect the search for life beyond Earth.
  5. This music score is a transcript for concert band of the original theme of the movie “Contempt” composed by George Delerue. By purchasing this article, you will be able to download a file containing the conduct and all the separate parts of the arrangement. This transcription from the original score is allowed by Sidomusic, B. Liechti & Cie.
  6. Contempt, is a pattern of attitudes and behaviour, often toward an individual, group but sometimes towards an ideology, which has the characteristics of disgust and anger. The word originated in , from the Latin word contemptus meaning "scorn". It is the past participle of contemnere and from com- intensive prefix + temnere "to slight, scorn". Contemptuous appeared in It is classified among .
  7. The Supreme Court heard arguments on the possible sentence that could be awarded to Bhushan over his remarks and eventually reserved its ruling on the issue. The Contempt of Courts Act prescribes a maximum punishment of six months in jail or fine or both.
  8. Contempt» Some awaking to everlasting contempt Daniel "Now at that time Michael, the great prince who stands guard over the sons of your people, will arise And there will be a time of distress such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time; and at that time your people, everyone who is found written in the book, will.
  9. Contempt definition, the feeling with which a person regards anything considered mean, vile, or worthless; disdain; scorn. See more.

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