Day 16 - Wandys Restin - Oath (5) - 2wenty8days (Cassette, Album)

General Comment I think that the line in the first stanza is actually "shoulda wore my wedding ring"- i. General Comment I love the line "got a bible and a rosary, God I wish that you were close to me, guess I owe you an apology Not real sure about the meaning of this song, except that it must be a marraige on the rocks, and maybe it's going to be 16 days until he sees her again And he needs to come to terms with his commitment in that time My Interpretation I think it"s autobiographical.

Guilty too. Rate These Lyrics. Unfortunately, Theodore passed away of a heart attack shortly after the invasion on July 12, His distant cousin, then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt, posthumously awarded him the Congressional Medal of Honor in September of that year. Surrounded by supportive cards, it can mean a turn away from financial stress. You have completed a battle against your own finances and are about to enter a more stable time.

Without the support of other cards, it can mean an escalation in conflict over money with loved ones. In that circumstance, any debates you might be having with those around you about money are likely to increase and persist.

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Songwriters: Adams, Ryan I got sixteen days One for every time I've gone away One for every time I should have stayed You should have worn my wedding ring I got sixteen days Fifteen of those are nights Can't sleep when the .

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  1. 16 Days Got sixteen days One for every time I've gone awayOne for every time I should have stayedShould have wore my wedding ring Got sixteen days Fifteen of those are nightsCan't sleep when the bed sheet fightsIt's way back to your side Well the ghost has got me running Well the ghost has got me running Away from you, away from you, awayWell the ghost has got me running Well the ghost .
  2. 16 Days Lyrics: I got sixteen days / One for every time I've gone away / One for every time I should have stayed / Shoulda wore my wedding ring / I got sixteen days / Fifteen of those are nights.
  3. 16 Days by Whiskeytown. Here are the most popular versions Guitar tabs, Chords. Chords and tabs aggregator -
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