Four Minutes - Culture Shock (3) - Go Wild + All The Time! (CDr)

However, visiting Tokyo does not need to break your travel budget. Like most big cities, there are ways to keep your costs down. Most of your travel expenses will be associated with accommodations and food. Therefore, your travel style will ultimately decide for how expensive Tokyo is for you. We stayed at the Hotel Gracery Tamachi during this recent visit to Tokyo.

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The grounds are quite large, so there are multiple entry points. Above — the well-groomed grounds surrounding Tokyo Imperial Palace. To capture the standard tourist photo of the Imperial Palace and Nijyubashi Bridge, you will inevitably walk towards the single railing that our boys are leaning on in the above photo.

About 10 seconds after I took this photo, an angry security guard blew his whistle and yelled at us. He is tasked with keeping snap-happy tourists from leaning on this railing or stepping on the grass. And he takes his job very seriously. If you look closely, to the left of Nicole in the photo above, you will see small white letters on the black railing.

If you do not join a guided tour of Tokyo Imperial Palace, you will only need 30 minutes to walk around the complex and admire the old stonework and gardens around the moat. Depending on the time of year, you may witness beautiful cherry blossoms or autumn colours at Kumogata Pond and Shinji Pond.

You can walk around the park in 30 to 45 minutes. Akihabara is a popular shopping area in Tokyo known for electronics retailers and video games. Akihabara is also known for its many arcades and game rooms, which is great for kids of all ages. This drum game is very popular and found at most Tokyo arcades. Connor won this huge Pokemon stuffie on our first day in Tokyo. He was very excited. We had to lug this huge stuffie around Japan for two weeks!

Above — maid cafe girls in Akihabara promoting their quirky cafe. Like most busy shopping areas in Tokyo, there are hundreds of Akihabara restaurants to choose from. Yakiniku is a Japanese term that refers to grilled meat cuisine. Basically, you grill your meat on an open flame at your table. However, we were able to sit across from each other. There was a short wait because we needed four seats, but it only took about 10 minutes. Once seated, you place your order on the tablet at your table.

We ordered a variety of pork and beef. The raw meat is marinated and sliced. T as the security guard. Very entertaining and fun character. The talking monkey. Oh man. The list goes on. I'm 28 years old, and while I often enjoy kind of sick, off the wall humor, I really found this to be a VERY funny movie.

It's personally very refreshing to know that humor doesn't have to be R rated to be hilarious. It sounds ridiculous, but this is probably going up there on my favorite movies list, right next to the films of polanski, kubrick, argento, hennenlotter, and the coen brothers.

I admit, I had been excited for it since I saw the first trailer a few months ago. I'm fifteen and she's twenty: we were both cracking up the whole time. There were no 'filler' jokes, as many kid's films do today. No jokes with 'potty humor'. All jokes were in good taste and all genuinely funny. The whole script was insanely well written. Timing, pacing, everything was great. The animation was fantastic and really fit the film. The character designs were all original and cute.

You could tell how much effort was put into this movie. And the cast! I watched the adorable! I'd thought I'd recognized that fool pitying officer. No complaints there. This is a fun, lighthearted film.

I walked out of the theater feeling the best I'd felt in a long time. Great family film, great film to see with your friends, great film to see by yourself, great film all together.

Highly recommended. Meanwhile, lifelong bully Brent relishes in tormenting Flint just as he did when they were kids, and Mayor Shelbourne schemes to use Flint's latest invention--a device designed to improve everyone's lives--for his own personal gain.

OK, I admit it. The trailer for this film looked average, compared to other animated flicks, especially the films from Pixar. I thought the film would be too kiddy for me and that the storyline was beyond lame. I mean, food falling from the sky doesn't draw people in, does it?

Oh, how wrong I was. I think we just found the third contender for the best animated movie section in the Academy Awards, people! Oh, wait. This is the only one. I felt like a kid again when I put my 3D glasses on.

Things popped out in a flashy fashion and the movie told in a quick pace with zippy dialogue! I wanted to grab the delicious-looking foods on the screen, from hotdogs to ice cream! It's like being a kid in a candy store! There's so much craziness here that I can't even dare to describe!

When was it the first time that you saw a talking monkey that ripped a heart out from a live gummy bear?! When was it the first time that you saw a live turkey eating a human being?! Everything in this film is so ridiculous and preposterous that you have no choice but to go along with the ride This is also a very, very funny film with a laugh per minute with some really clever jokes scattered throughout the film.

But don't worry. There's a story in here too. The message is by no means blatant and preachy at all. The cast is also a splendid delight, Mr. T standing out as one of the top characters because you can never really escape his noticeable voice. Bill Hader and Anna Faris did a wonderful job in their roles as well.

Oh, and did I mention the film was a visual feast no pun intended? You will see things in here that you have NEVER seen and probably will never see again in any other film. This should automatically get you a ticket to the theaters because when are you ever going to see a talking monkey grabbing a heart out of a live gummy bear?!

The 3D technology is near flawless. It's probably the best looking 3D I've ever seen, the image looking very sharp from background to foreground. I also found the score by Mark Mothersbaugh to be amazing and exceptionally memorable.

If there's one bad thing I have to say about the movie, it isn't as good as Pixar's storytelling. There's a lot of ingenuity and inventiveness and cleverness that is warped around the movie. The film is entertaining for both the kids and the adults to enjoy, so there's no need to worry. But wow, was this film a spectacle. If you have the chance to see this in 3D, see it but I'm sure the 2D version works just as well.

If you're iffy about the trailer, I guess that's a good thing because the movie surpasses the trailer by ten times. Prepare to get served Apemangalore 19 September Just to set the record straight, I'm not a fan of most non-Disney Animation, non-Pixar animated films being released these days, and even my faith in the former was just recently renewed with last year's Bolt which has topped Pulp Fiction as my personal favorite movie of all time.

Sure, every once in a while, a brilliant piece such as Coraline will come along, but honestly, I find that to be one of the relatively few exceptions from this decade. What further detracted from my excitement were the trailers, which led me to believe that the film was going to be strictly targeted towards children. Having just seen the film, though, I am happy to say that all of my fears were put to rest.

Visually, this is perhaps one of the most spectacular animated movies I've ever seen, with literally every frame being a feast for the eyes. There were moments, especially throughout the movie's undeniably thrilling climax, in which my jaw just dropped in amazement.

Not to throw in so much hyperbole, but this truly is one of the best animated films in terms of pure eye candy. While there's so much else in this movie to enjoy, the visuals alone make it worth the price of admission. The vocal performances in Cloudy are some of the most impressive ones I've heard in quite some time.

Both Bill Hader and Anna Faris as Flint and Sam, respectively, capture the essence of these two socially-awkward, smarter-than-you-might-think type of characters perfectly. Overall, I felt these two characters had some real chemistry, and as a result, I thoroughly enjoyed watching their relationship evolve throughout the course of the film.

T is also terrific as the city cop, Earl, delivering some of the most gut-bustingly hilarious lines in the entire film. With that said, this is quite possibly the funniest animated movie that I've ever seen.

To put it simply, there were a couple of moments in which I literally thought that I was going to be ill. I walked out of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs with very much the same feeling as I did with '08's aforementioned Bolt: astonished by how mediocre I initially expected the film to be, and how enjoyable it actually ended up being.

However, given the film's quirky nature, I view that as a mild complaint at best. Go see it, folks. SebaZava 30 November Although - as many people do - I generally prefer Pixar films to the animated fare created by other companies, I can't deny that a film like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is very hard not to love.

Although it isn't particularly complex, thought-provoking, beautiful or masterful, it's a very entertaining, funny, cute-as-hell and effective animated film. Children with definitely love it, and adults Although I certainly enjoy all kinds of movies, there's always - for me - some satisfaction to be had when watching something so obviously goofy and kiddy.

Meatballs is kiddy, and that's precisely what I loved about it. It may not be this year's best animated movie - that honour goes to Pixar's Up - but it certainly is better than the likes of Monsters vs.

The film tells the story of Flint Lockwood voice of Bill Hader , a young inventor who dreams of, someday, creating something that will be loved by everyone and make him more popular and, most importantly, improve the lives of everyone in town. Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to do so, and his technofobic father voice of James Caan doesn't really help at all. One day, though, he manages to invent something that will change the lives of everyone in town forever: a machine that makes food fall from the sky.

Everybody seems to be happy with him now - including mayor Shelbourne Bruce Campbell and the by-the-book police offer, Earl Mr. T - but, predictably enough, something goes wrong: excess amounts of food start to overload the island where the town is located, and now Flint, along with TV reporter Sam Sparks Anna Faris has to try to solve their problem. Retrieved 23 December ARIA Charts. Albums Singles. Categories : Australian culture-related lists Lists of record chart achievements Australian record charts.

Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Being rated as a 15, 'Ted's plot didn't seem to suit it's targeted audience, I have seen similar story lines in films rated PG or even U but the explicit content of 'Ted' was clearly intended for more mature audiences, therefore I felt it deserved a more mature plot.

Overall, I'd recommend 'Ted' to those who are looking for a relatively light-hearted story with a few giggles added in and a cursing, yet somehow still lovable, teddy bear. It's good, but nothing overly special. First there was Gollum, then Caesar the ape and now If you thought motion-capture animation was beyond the range of foul-mouthed R-rated comedy, here's your evidence to the contrary.

Fans of MacFarlane and "Family Guy" will be the first to tell you that the comedy pioneer has been more cold than hot lately I guess those manatees in the tank of idea balls have been worked too hard. It's not easy to keep scoring laughs using the same non-sequitur formula over and over again, but fortunately "Ted" is a more comically cohesive effort than you'd ever expect from the king of unexpected random jabs, references and political incorrectness.

If you haven't been curious enough to find out what the film is about already, "Ted" tells the story of how young John Bennett who grows up to be Mark Wahlberg , who had trouble fitting in as a kid, made a wish on Christmas Day for his teddy bear to come to life.

His wish comes true and Ted becomes world famous, even appearing on the Johnny Carson Show. Despite a serious relationship of four years with Lori Mila Kunis , nearly middle-aged John is still ripping bongs and watching '80s "Flash Gordon" with his equally irresponsible teddy bear best friend.

Eventually, John must start to make sacrifices if he wants to become the adult that Lori wants him to be, and Ted is arguably the chief reason for his inability to shape up. There aren't exactly any curveballs in this story, but that's when you realize you're watching a film in which a man is trying to stop hanging out with his profane teddy bear. Despite the obvious outcomes, "Ted" has to be considered an original comedy.

It's also consistently funny. Sure, the nature of many of the jokes is that they exist in a vacuum and aren't necessarily related to what's going on or what matters, but much of the references actually tie into the plot later on such as Flash Gordon That said, some of its best jokes and references will resonate on a personal level, i. The only thing that feels a little out of place is a subplot involving Giovanni Ribisi as a creepy single father who has been a longtime admirer of Ted's and inquires about purchasing him for his overweight son.

You've never seen Ribisi like this and that alone is amusing, but the focus of the film is on how John and Ted's mischief impacts his ability to grow up and get more serious with Lori, and this sort of butts into things.

Yet for all its shenanigans, the amount of heart and sincerity in some of the relationship drama between John and Lori is surprising.

Wahlberg and Kunis are generally pretty convincing, even if it's a bit weird that John is mature enough to have a relationship last four years but not enough to not screw things up at his job or avoid giving in to Ted's peer pressure.

Bear pressure? The secret weapon is that Ted really is kind of adorable, and the mo-cap gives him an extra lifelike quality. The film hits some emotional notes early who can't identify with loving a stuffed animal?

That ability alone assures "Ted" will be seen as better than a majority of foul- mouthed, dirty-minded comedies. His performance as the titular bear is certainly reminiscent of Peter Griffin there's a wink to the audience about that, by the way , but more importantly, Ted is treated as more than just an opportunity for a never-ending string of jokes that are simply funnier because "it's a teddy bear.

Audiences will write you off if you deliver them something inconsistent and scatter-brained that goes beyond 30 inconsequential minutes of their lives, and MacFarlane and co-writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild make the majority of adjustments needed to honor that notion.

A smart, crude, but lively and hilarious comedy, Ted makes the most of its premise unlike any comedy before it, and truly shines as one of the funniest films I have ever seen. Mark Wahlberg and Ted, voiced by Seth MacFarlane, make for a lovely pair, and the two have chemistry I haven't in quite some time for a comedy film. Simply said, the film has it all. Booze, drugs, action, comedy, drama, Flash Gordon, everything. The soundtrack is great, the jokes are hysterical, the script is surprisingly impressive and realistic for this type of scenario , and the direction is good as well.

The pacing never seems to let up, and the film is almost exciting to watch by simply the fact it goes all in on what it set out to do. It's a truly top notch work for MacFarlane and proves to quite possibly be his best work yet.

His talent shows in the film like never before, and he makes something truly delightful out of it. Ted isn't just rude and obnoxious, the film is full of heart too. And though the film may have a hard time taking its own matters seriously from time to time, when it needs to get emotional it does, and the film takes the risks it needs and accomplishes them.

As with Ted coming to life in the film, this comedy is nothing short of a cinematic miracle, and proves to be one of the best experiences I have ever had watching a movie in my life and I've seen over 1, I have a perverted sense of humor and do not mind Family Guy, so I'm not sure what I was expecting.

But this nasty, pointless, unfunny drivel was a complete waste of my time and money. Only for sophomoric morons with no schools to vandalize or cars to torch. I am stunned by the number of negative reviews on here. We went to see Ted last night the UK release date and it was fantastic. In fact, it was the funniest film I have seen for years! The humour throughout is both obvious AND subtle, with masses of trademark Seth MacFarlane jokes as well as some expansion to his comedy repertoire made possible by having a live action film instead of an animation.

Some people have commented on all the 80s references - that's the joke in itself - Seth always over-focuses on the 80s and he's poking fun at himself by doing it even more! So did I - which is partly what makes it all so cool! Fans of Seth's humour will love these little and not so little references as they have all been used extensively in Family Guy.

You don't have to be 'over 35' to get the references, you just have to get that Seth is a big fan of the 80s and has great fun referencing stuff he likes. Some might call it self-indulgent but I thought it was very funny. Perhaps you have top be on a particular wavelength, I don't know. To suggest that he's being racist is also to misunderstand Seth MacFarlane - he's actually ridiculing people with stereotypical ignorant racist attitudes.

Once again, he has done this in Family Guy and been similarly misunderstood. Ted was also superbly played by Seth MacFarlane and it was interesting to note how after a while you didn't even really think of him as a bear; he was just another character in the film.

Lovely to hear Patrick Stewart's voice used again too. In addition, there was a generous use of Family Guy people, who were all great fun especially the guy who does the voice of Joe Swanson and looked like they were clearly enjoying the opportunity to be in Seth's film debut. In summary, if you don't like Seth MacFarlane's humour, there's a good chance you will not enjoy this film.

However, if you like Family Guy and you have the ability to look beyond the obvious, then you might well love Ted as much as I did. I thought it was brilliant and can't remember the last time I laughed so much at a cinema! First of all let me tell you that I rate movies on a scale from to 10 with 5 being the average and negative numbers for differentiating the awfulness of certain movies that are terrible.

That said I give this movie a 0, even though I like Seth Macfarlane's work this was an absolute disaster. We got a movie with 1 dimensional leading characters of Ted and John that didn't provide you with a single emotional reaction, while Mila Kunis character was at least somewhat comparable to a person although not at all complex. Supporting cast is the only part worth mentioning since Flash Gordon absolutely stole the show with the 4 minutes of air time he had, his lines were consistent and witty unlike anything main characters did.

Story in itself falls apart since it is not built on anything real, the movie is completely clownish for the first 1 hour without any character build up and then randomly inserts "emotional" parts which left me completely indifferent, it was awkward and out of place.

I could have said something nice about the atmosphere if the movie was consistent as it was for the first half but it started to take itself seriously which ruined the composure.

Mrlastlife 4 July I've been excited to see Ted since I saw the first preview. I read some of the initial reviews and it sounded great. I have to admit, it wasn't THAT funny. First, the voice of Ted. It's freaking Peter Griffin!!! It's like the creators of SpongeBob making a movie and they use the voice of SpongeBob. It's really distracting. And when Ted is making fun of someone, he uses Stewie's voice?!?! Don't you have another voice you can use?

The beginning of the film, Ted is a cute and innocent bear. I felt the movie was funnier then. The vulgar, smoking, sexually active Ted felt forced to me. Some of the jokes fell flatter than a Kansas interstate. Seriously, the movie theater was completely packed and there were jokes that didn't garner one single laugh.

Sometimes I couldn't tell if they were trying to make a joke or not. Some jokes were supposed to be kinda mean, but were just kinda dumb. There were times it seemed like the audience laughed because they thought they were supposed to. This is Ted!!! It's supposed to be hilarious!!! There were some funny parts. But honestly, I left disappointed. This movie was such a piece of crap. Seth McFarlane should stick to what he knows best - cartoons, and leave the real movies to the big people.

It was the same rehash of his series Family Guy with a horrible plot about this teddy bear growing up with his owner from childhood and gets Kidnapped really?? And do we need yet another fat joke, or handicapped joke? If you answered yes, then you deserve to watch this film and lower your I.

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  1. "Go Wild" also released on vinyl • Bluurg • fishRecorded + mixed at Southern •9•86 "All The Time!" also released on vinyl • Bluurg • fishRecorded + mixed at Southern •8•/5(4).
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  3. "4 Minutes" was the tenth most downloaded song in the United States in with sales of million, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and has sold over million copies as of December [35] In Canada, Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems (BDS) confirmed that "4 Minutes" debuted at the top of the Canadian Contemporary Hit Radio Dance-pop.
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