I Dropped My Ice Cream Cone - Happy Flowers - Flowers On 45: The Homestead Singles (Cassette)

When it was built, there would have been a dirt floor and a thatched roof. Our builders stripped, sanded, and oiled it all to install in our new pantry. He took the time to get to know us a bit and realised what would suit us. C Bates Building Ltd. Jason says the renovations were a big process starting with the structural work which was completed first to support the existing beams. They then had to cut holes in the walls into an existing hallway which they converted into a walk-in pantry.

Then we gutted the bathroom completely and put in a whole new wet floor shower system. Nicky and her daughters made us our morning and afternoon teas and dinners and puddings every day which was really good.

So, we basically do everything except for electrical and plumbing work, but we have tradies we have worked with for years to carry this out. Artist Aran Pudney and wife Maeve are connecting people with place through their clever hydrographic art maps depicting New Zealand landscapes. A deep-rooted family connection to the Marlborough Sounds means places the couple hold in their hearts will soon join the popular sustainable range.

Placing emphasis on art that has minimal impact on the planet means their work has made it a perfect fit for one of their newest retailers, The Vines Village in Blenheim. Aran and Maeve purchased a laser cutter and set to work on creating larger pieces, and then full geographical collections. Maeve took responsibility of the business side of things, and the pair have spent the past few years juggling a new business with raising their three children.

Working out of their Wellington home, the business, known as The Furnace, began Initially, Maeve also had a second job to almost by chance around four years ago. Aran says. Aran spends time studying maps and charting his designs before crafting them in small, medium and large sizes. Currently, Aran is working on completing a series of Marlborough works, depicting the Marlborough Sounds and Wairau Valley. With a family bach in the Kenepuru Sound, Aran spent much of his time in Marlborough growing up, and still tries to get back the bach when he can.

After spending the first few years refining their processes, Aran and Maeve have begun branching out into new areas of New Zealand. The Slip Inn restaurant in Havelock has been a long-term supporter of The Furnace, displaying an ongoing exhibition, and the couple recently got their works into The Vines Village gift shop. Artworks from The Furnace are available at thefurnace.

Offering a large selection of stalls with something for everyone - a great opportunity to pick up some Christmas gifts. Annual parade marking the start of the holiday festivities. Come along and enjoy the colourful floats, food stalls and of course Santa. Keep the festive feelings going after the Parade with this free community event for youth and their families. There will be pre-entertainment, competitions, food stalls, giveaways and much more.

Get into the Christmas spirit and view the beauty and delight of Christmas with over 40 trees decorated by local businesses and community groups. Gather with friends, family, whanau and community and enjoy Christmas carols sung by local groups. Run, walk or hybrid this popular 10k hill race - will you be crowned the King or Queen this year? A chance to walk or run with your family and friends and get messy as you get doused with colour.

And this year it will run over two days! Transport available. Enjoy an unforgettable day with friends and family with live music, great food and drink, free kids entry and entertainment and exciting race action. The World of Musicals brings the very best of Musical theatre to life. The World of Musicals…colorful, inspiring and memorable musical classics, all performed by an International star-studded cast, presenting the audience with nightly entertainment at the highest level.

Whether a soloist - duet or the entire ensemble, the performers of this musical event will inspire in this Musical Whirlwind. The World of the Musicals is a show for the entire family, so get ready to be enthralled and sing along to all your favorite and much-loved musicals in one unforgettable evening.

Lachlan and Melissa Galloway 7. Richard and Brydie Morrison 5. Rosa Tate 6. Sam Merrill 7. Jeremy Brown 8. Kat Mason 9. Shona White and Kathrin Jankowiec Wairau River Team. The days are warmer and the BBQs have been dusted off.

So rather than spending excessive amounts of your time scrolling through the internet to find quirky ways. Having a potluck styled event allows for some of the work to be shared around. Grandma will understand.

Jugal has had a lot of support in taking over the restaurant, and credits his brother Sonu, for helping to get it off the ground. Both men have worked hard to establish themselves as business owners, with a lot of support from their wives. The location is beautiful and the food is beautiful and just the ambience. They came with us and they believe in us that we can do it right.

Jugal is excited to put his touch on an iconic Marlborough restaurant. They cater to groups of all sizes, including private functions. The honey candied walnuts were the secret, so as requested, here is the recipe…give it a go!

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Slice the chicken thigh, place in the marinade. Cover and leave in the fridge for one hour overnight is recommended. Set aside to cool, chop and add to the salad bowl. Salad Sautee the diced pumpkin with a touch of the olive oil and rosemary sea salt. BBQ the bacon until crispy, dice into small pieces.

Boil the quinoa until cooked. Cool under running cold water. Drain well and set aside. Place the fresh herbs, baby spinach, cooked pumpkin, diced chicken, and half of the goat cheese. Infuse, strain, and toss with walnuts.

Allow to cool completely. I see you mom, the one who wants to hide this under her bed so she can use it in the mirror without the kids. Bask in nostalgia with the Cassette Tape Pillow Cover. The Fisher Price Rocktopus is a dream come true for any budding music star ages 3 through 6.

I thought the next step would be to send my tithe, but first I needed to make sure I had enough money in my bank account. Therefore, I let that go for awhile. Within a few days, I mustered enough nerve to call the bank and ask for my bank balance, and then listed it in the checkbook. Okay, another big deal, but the next step was to deposit my check from Pepin in the ATM. Even though he was willing to help me through the process of depositing and withdrawing from the ATM, I shook all over and my stomach was in knots.

I highly recommend anyone processing through financial matters to write to her for this brochure. I continued pushing through with the financial matters by writing the tithe check, and then I added the additional bank transactions to my checkbook ledger, taking plenty of time to make sure everything was done properly, as my stomach still knotted and I still felt weak.

But I felt good to have the check written, even if it would take awhile for someone to drive it to the mailbox. Solving the Communication Mysteries. One day Airica took time to show me how to answer the Walkie-Talkie system they are using, until they can all get cellular phones. That mystery was quite easily solved. Besides, Marquam would be at the beach that weekend, and it would be another week before we could get together for further discussion.

Hopefully, by then I would be able to focus more on the mystery of our on-line business. At least I knew how to get through this entire communication process, even using my printer. Problems in Paradise. These letters, along with the tithe check, were placed in the mailbox, at the bottom of the long hill, by Airica and Josh that afternoon when they drove by, although too late for the mail pickup.

Even if I got a private postal service, like Mail Box, Etc. We were beginning to have some problems in Paradise, in addition to the mail theft threat. In addition, one of the cats had spotted flying insects along the window sill, and they looked like the termites that we had once had in Southern California, so Dottie called the Realtor and arranged for them to be exterminated. Chapter 5. Taking Care of Things. Part of taking care of things involved calling Van to give him my new Oregon phone number; an assignment I felt could be easily handled, as he would be long-gone, and getting on with his life.

However, when I called, I was surprised that he was still parked at Wal-Mart in Troutdale, adding that he had told us all he would stay there a few days.

Van went on to say that he had gone to the beach for a few days to cool off, as it had been hot in the eighties , and he returned in time for the degree day. In fact, I was impressed that he had made the decision to take care of himself by going to the beach. This was an indication that his self-esteem was already responding to his need to make necessary decisions to take care of things; himself included.

I gave him my new phone number, and then asked where he wanted his mail sent. So he had made a decision to return to her for financial support, her version of nurturing, which is also the way they relate for love support. I was disappointed that his solo self-esteem trip would be so short-lived, but again, it was none of my business, and after he explained that he would be leaving the next day, we hung up.

I wondered why I suddenly felt terrible, sad and emotionally drained, so I went to bed and slept all night, as if in a coma.

The next day, I was unable to get up, or even eat, and I stayed in bed all day and through the next night. I spent much of the time in tears, feeling hopeless and helpless, unable to take care of anything, and devoid of any support from God, or anyone else, as Dottie and family were busy with their own activities. However, around noon, in desperation, I called Van with the thought that I would ask him to wait at Safeway in Damascus, while I gather a few essentials and my computer, and join him.

Suddenly, nothing else seemed very important. I felt trapped and desperate. I noticed that I was almost out of toilet paper and bottled spring water I get terrible indigestion on the tap water , not to mention I had very little food of my own.

Joanie, my inner child, panicked, as her memories of early childhood with her natural parents were triggered by these circumstances, and she felt utterly destitute. Now, with Van leaving, I felt my life was over, so I had to grab hold of my only security, no matter how deplorable it had become, and try to go with him.

My Life is Leaving. As he said, he has to make this trip alone. So I released him, and hoped I would survive. As proof, God sent me messages via songs on my tapes that I played every day, and also on the radio. What is Your Fear? Stick with the question, and not the answer.

Joanie started listing all the things that she was worried about: water being turned off, no food or toilet paper, and the biggest concern, her mail delivery, because the forwarded health products had not arrived, and she was already out of B, which she felt was the cause of feeling so depressed and upset. And then she called the neighbor to find out the exact situation, since the message had been given to Airica, and asked about alternative solutions. Then she reported to me that they could get a mailbox at the Boring Post Office.

The Triggering Mechanisms. After our talk, I consciously looked back over all the things that had triggered this setback for Joanie, all relating to issues from her early childhood and the Abandonment Issues when her mother had a mental collapse, after the birth of the baby brother, Gary.

Mom was sent to a mental hospital. But, fortunately, she was rescued by Mom and Dad Freeland her paternal grandfather and his second wife , and life was good for a few years, until Mom Freeland became an alcoholic. Just realizing what was going on helped. With years of therapy and Step Inner Child work, although it sometimes takes awhile to realize what I am feeling, such as this time, I can now recognize these patterns, and I know what to do to move through them.

While Dottie and I were talking on the balcony, Airica and Josh were cooking bacon and eggs, which is another triggering factor. It reminded Joanie of the morning when her mommie was crying into a dishtowel, in the kitchen, after she and her daddy had been talking about money problems: scarcity and lack of money. This was the era of The Great Depression, and Dad would walk along the railroad tracks to glean coal for fuel, and everyone was having a hard time.

There is an inherent cellular memory of that traumatic era within everyone who went through it, or anyone who has suffered through poverty and financial lack. Many survived and life went on, though the scars remained on a subconscious level, which is that generation still turns off light switches to economize on electricity, and other such behavior relating to scarcity. But for my mom, it was just too much, and this was the beginning of her mental illness. Soon she completely lost it, and was placed in a mental institution.

Pay Attention to Those Feelings. Many people insist that we should deny our feelings, get over it, move on, but this is what causes mental and physical illness, so feeling the feelings is a vital part of recovery. Changing the Pattern. In fact, the day seemed to bring her through the crisis. It turned out to be a 50th Anniversary Show of the great comic, Jackie Gleason, so I sat and watched, even though Steve went outside on the balcony for a smoke, and he was joined by Airica for a lengthy discussion.

Conditioning Factor. However, this time there seems to be more to write, such as the Conditioning Factor, and I will not be healed enough to move on, until I face and write about this aspect of the Uncharted Regions. Finally, we were in so much debt that I realized it was going to be up to me to do something about it, because my name and credit was involved too. It was the second time Van had done this to bail himself out of debt, but enough time had elapsed that he was accepted, so the slate was wiped clean.

Van went along, but did not participate in the program, such as sharing or telling his story. He was a victim of underearning and overspending, which is an addiction, just like gambling, alcohol and drugs. The goal of the program, like AA is to stop over-spending and getting to the cause of the symptom is the most successful way. Although Van is aware of his money disorder, he has not dealt with the issues, nor taken personal responsibility for his own recovery.

Nevertheless, at my insistence, we began following the program for recovery: a monthly Spending Plan similar to a budget , and keeping track of numbers, which means writing down everything that is spent. Finally, I blew up over the situation and he finally changed something enough that the breakdowns stopped, and we made it all the way to Texas and back without any breakdowns. In addition, I insisted that I must have my portion of Social Security to take care of my current expenses, such as rent, food, phone and tithe, with nothing left for anything else.

Van is totally oblivious to needing to provide for my financial needs, such as my health products, haircuts, and other expenses. So, I have to have the faith to know that I am not dependent on Van, but God is the Source of my Supply, as I move forward with my life.

Yet, I notice that I am so conditioned to doing without, and getting by, that I wonder if I will be able to move beyond that programming. For instance, when push came to shove, I wanted to return to Van and continue with that lifestyle. And I am not the only one, because I have learned that victims of spousal abuse and other mistreatment, gravitate back to their perpetrators.

So, being in a similar situation, I can see how easy it is to fall into the same trap. Making Phone Calls. Now, I feel trapped, without transportation, and unable to attend meetings, but I know that I can make a phone call and arrange for someone to pick me up, and this I will do. Talking with her was comforting, and healing. Later, I talked with my Cousin Marilyn, whose husband had dumped her after nineteen-years marriage with her parents when she was in her fifties and going blind from diabetes.

It helps to talk with someone who has gone through these situations and overcome. Somehow, she overcame the trauma of loss, and even forgave her husband. Although they divorced, they are still good friends. She has recently rented her own duplex and is making it, despite diabetes and near-blindness. This is encouraging. Marilyn also told me how to get some help with food through several programs, which I will follow up on, and also how to apply for food stamps.

And these are doors that are open. I also called my daughter, Gail, who has been through her own trauma from the end of a long-time love relationship, and who also works a strong Step Program. She reminded me to get to meetings and work my program. She also said that she will be coming to Portland for medical treatment, and she will take me with her and we can spend the day together.

She gave me support and something to look forward to, and the gift of friendship. He is also a Unity minister, so his words of support were especially meaningful.

That would come next, but I needed the contact with friends for emotional support and human contact, especially since I was alone all day. And it was a healing day for me, as I continued with my Inner Journey. The Truth is Revealed. Feeling unloved. Holding back love. Life supports and approves of me.

Well, that sure makes sense. He was a doctor and when home he either listened to the radio, took a nap, or studied to keep updated on medical information. This time together became a way for me to have his time and attention. As a result, I developed an inability to understand story-problems, which would require more of his time with me.

In fact, the condition still haunts my life, and is the explanation as to why I have problems with technology, such as the cellular phone and computer. This is an important subject to discuss, because it explains the basis of what lead to our separation.

And these are major steps in recovery. Habit will not allow seeing what one is habituated to seeing, regardless of what is actually happening. The only way out of this trap is to be faced with external circumstances so forcible that their visibility shatters the habit, if only for a moment.

In this moment of clarity, one must make an act of will instead of habit -- and then continue to choose the act of will, regardless of the pain, confusion, anger, fear, etc. The difficulty is that by conscious acts of will, one assigns this power to the habit in the first place. Then one refuses to recognize that the power and control given over to the habit were only loaned out in the first place; then one mistakenly part of the habit assigns the habit as part and parcel of survival, thereby powering the habit from one of our deepest, most powerful instinctive energy sources.

Pain, anger hate, confusion, jealousy are all part of the arsenal of weapons used at the disposal of the habit. They will be, and are, used to their fullest extent, since the habit is drawing upon survival instinct to maintain itself. There is only one weapon at the disposal of the conscious identity, that is the weapon of recognition powered by conscious acts of will, continuously -- since this is how the habit was implanted originally.

No habit can ever be dissolved or erased. They habits can only be replaced. Intellectual effort sets us apart from the commonplace. This leads us by hidden and difficult paths to secluded spots where we find ourselves amid unaccustomed thoughts. I have no idea what other unknown factors lie before me as I forge ahead into the Uncharted Regions.

Chapter 6. Mutual Codependency Issues. As I was writing the next words, I realized that I had moved from my inner child to codependency issues, and a new chapter was unfolding; going deeper into the uncharted mysteries of an addiction more severe, frustrating and difficult to overcome than alcohol, drugs, food or money disorders: relationships. In most cases it originates from alcoholic parents, and other causes of dysfunctional families, such as other addictions, including money disorders, mental or physical illness, or even religious zealots.

Van and I both suffer from codependency issues, and in retrospect, I can see that I had slipped into relapse big time. Van had intimacy issues, and eventually we had very little physical contact. In fact, while living in the RV, I once asked if he would please make an effort to touch me, at least once a day.

In fact, he lost interest in anything I was doing. But, so what? Whatever was going on with Van, plus my own neediness, not to mention my need for his attention and showing love by supporting my computer projects, seems to have brought us to the parting of the ways.

Our mutual codependency issues simply became too much for us to overcome, especially because I continually supported Van in making his own decisions.

Yet, he had reached a place where he was unwilling to make any decisions. He had not only lost his self-esteem, he had lost his identity. Thus, the need to make his solo self-esteem trip where he would have to make his own decisions.

Yet, as with any recovery program, there is nothing to do but move through the pain and discomfort to the healing and recovery; at this whole new deeper level of the Uncharted Regions. What Else is New; Old? When, after two months of feeling strong and confident myself, I decided to return to Van, in California, and either work things out or finalize our relationship.

I found him fully handled: playing tennis every day, shopping for his own food, taking care of himself, confident and happy. He had become more assertive and responsible, and I loved it!

What a Unique Concept! During this time, I continued with my Step Studies, Coda meetings and otherwise taking care of myself. In February , Dottie found a mobile home she thought we might like, so we flew to Colorado and made an offer, but it was sold for cash to someone else. While still there, Van suggested that we buy an RV with the financial legacy from my dad; an idea I had been suggesting for years, but now it was his idea, so it would work.

They arrived yesterday, and I will have to get a picture with them before they leave. They are another fun couple that we met at Amazon in Dinner consisted of leftovers and watching part of the Australian Open action. David worked on researching the feasibility of using a residential refrigerator with our solar power system, while Kathie and I searched the internet for rental properties that compare to hers. Tomorrow is another Amazon workday for us, and Kathie is going to join back up with Joel of the Escapees Solo group for a trip to the Desert Bar.

I am sure she will have a dandy time! Many of the assembled Hitchhikers departed today, and we are now down to 4 rigs. It is strangely empty now, with three couples at the campfire tonight. The day started with a lot of goodbyes to the people who were heading on to their next stop. Once we got a good frost on, David, Kathie and I decided to go for a walk.

We happened upon the rig of a couple that David and I really enjoyed talking with at the Amazon booth a couple of days ago. They have a custom built truck which carries their two Harleys, as well as a very large Montana 5th wheel.

We spent 15 minutes or so with them, then hurried back home to have some breakfast, shower, and head to the big Tent. It was past noon when we finally go into Quartzsite. We met up with our friend Linda, who we have not seen since the passing of her husband John. She is one of our favorite people that we have met on the road, and it was good to see her again.

She brought her 8 month old puppy, Hope, with her to the tent. The four of us walked around and decided that the tent was just too full of people avoiding the wind, so we headed out. As we walked the perimeter, we saw this guy who was really enjoying his ice cream cone.

The line for these cones is always long, regardless of how cold it is outside. And that explains the feature photo of the day! Kathie and I shared an Indian Taco, David lost us for a bit, we found out that we have one more day Saturday of work at the Amazon booth, and we were done with the tent.

The drinking water was refilled at the Salt Free Water kiosk, and then we headed back home. Of course, we got home around , so that was a bust. Grease a square 8 or 9-inch baking pan or casserole dish. Drain tomato juices into a skillet and chop tomatoes into smaller pieces, and set aside.

Add water as necessary until a thin layer of liquid covers the skillet. Turn off heat and mix in Cajun Seasoning, tomatoes and kidney beans, stirring to combine, and set aside. In a small mixing bowl, whisk cornmeal, baking powder, salt and additional Cajun Seasoning if desired several dashes so the flour looks speckled when stirred. You can also add tablespoon s of sugar for a sweet cornbread topping. Then stir in nondairy milk and applesauce.

It should be thick, but spreadable like hummus and not dry. Pour bean mixture into your baking dish and pat down firmly with a spatula. Spread cornbread mixture on top and bake minutes, or until the cornbread is a deep golden, cracked and firm to the touch.

Let sit out for about 15 minutes before serving it continues to firm as it cools. Serve with hot sauce, such as Tabasco, on the table. Now you will HAVE to come see us this summer! What this does equate to is fun talks, a little wine around the campfire, catching up with where everyone has been since we last gathered in , and the guys getting together to talk solar, LED, propane heaters, etc. This socializing was interrupted today by mph wind gusts.

Even when it is degrees, no one wants to be sandblasted around the chat circle. David and I had a busy morning. It was tough to get up and not sound croaky. All of the talking we did at the booth for 3 days straight left us both a little raspy, and then we were chatting with Kathie from the moment we picked her up, until we went to bed.

So, I had barely enough time to make some chai tea and get the phone plugged in and the interview started! That was a one hour 45 minute interview! I had no idea it would go so long, and it was a positive experience, but wow! We came out of it with the ball in our court, and offered a job for the summer. Know alternative remedies for everyday ailments.

Know First Aid. Know CPR. Know measures of safety. Know how to use a hammer, screw driver regular and Phillips , pliers,and other tools.

Learn how to make a woodworking project and follow through with making it. I'm laughing because the younger generations seem more equipped to teach us older folks in this area! Let them teach you then! How to use a computer How to use a cell phone How to use a Kindle and other technology.

Fishing and Hunting. How to catch a fish and clean it How to shoot a deer, and cook venison Laws Know basic laws. Problem Solving.

Give your child various problems which happen daily, and let him help solve them. Then discuss it. Now, lest any of you parents feel like you could never teach your children all of these skills, please do not worry about that! My husband and I did not teach my own children to do every single one of these either.

In fact, I never even thought of some of the things on this list at the time! Like I said, make your own family's list and it will work for you. In fact, y ou may want to add more to this list! A Special Note to Grandparents Grandparents, a wonderful gift for us to present to our grandchildren would be a personalized notebook with a list divided into segments, similar to this one! Tell each one of your grandchildren you will do all you can to help them learn many of the skills listed, so they will be well equipped as an adult, and they may have more ideas to add to the list.

What memories you will give them, along with skills to last a lifetime! It's so easy to buy a gift at the store, but this is a gift of yourself for as long as you can have input into their lives. Of course, I believe the spiritual aspect on this list is of utmost importance, because of the eternal consequences of their decision while on earth to follow or reject Christ.

Let's be a part of pouring good things into the lives of our children and grandchildren! This notebook would be a very special gift to grandchildren - like an heirloom gift because the lasting benefits of what they will learn with your being intentional in teaching them. The benefits will last a lifetime and even into the next generations!

I plan to make a personal notebook for each of our five grandchildren, starting with the older ones. There are two other heirloom gifts I have been making for our grandchildren. When our children's first child turns one year old, I've been giving that child a thirty-two page cloth quiet book to be shared with siblings.

The third quiet book will be given next weekend to our son's baby girl, Raelle Elizabeth! As I worked on the third quiet book, I was thinking I just might have to make extra books - one for each grandchild, so they can use them with our great-grandchildren some day. My six year old granddaughter was helping to sew Raelle's book last week, and was so excited that she had her mother get their own quiet book out again, and she enjoyed looking through all the pages once more.

The third heirloom gift I am making for each grandchild is a large quilt that should last for many years to come. The second quilt is in construction right now. So, grandparents, please don't think you no longer have much to offer your children!

You can be pouring your lives into your grandchildren's future. We certainly do have much to offer! Let us all be intentional in doing so!

Note from Lois: Janis is a dear friend of mine from childhood, and getting to know her even more in recent years has been very sweet! Her mother used to be my Sunday school teacher and my mother used to be hers! By purposeful thought, we have one TV in our home. It is upstairs in the bonus room. My kitchen is quiet, peaceful, with a large farm table as its centerpiece.

My grandson, Ocean has been with me for several days, and during that time the TV has only been in use for two hours. He has spent the remaining hours, at the farm table building trucks, cars, and airplanes, and reading books to me while I cook his favorite food. Dear Parents, you do NOT have to be so busy! Control your television. You can do it. Do NOT let it control you! Neither allow it to be the babysitter that will demand far more pay in future consequences than you will ever want to realize.

Your children are little people who have eternal souls to be nurtured for God and heaven. You want your kids to grow up and be your friends, right? You want them to have a heart for God, right? I do hope so! He was a young man by then. Nearly grown and gone. And at the time his mountain bike was a big part of his world. He had built it himself, piece by piece, and was anxious to take it over to the bike shop to get the necessary repairs.

Realizing this, I had put it on a long list of other errands I needed to run. That week was so busy that my head was spinning, so you can imagine the relief when my husband offered to go into town for me.

Yes, please! Disappointment clear across his countenance. Not understanding, I reassured him that his dad would drop off the bike too and all would be well. And then this came out of his mouth. Out of his heart.

He wants a relationship with me. His mom. Even at seventeen. A relationship that began from a very young age. That a son — nearly grown and gone — would want to hang out with his mom. Challenge 99 Challenge Challenge A Challenge B No Corvettes Diesel price MUST be included in pic. Challenge C Challenge D Challenge E Challenge F Challenge G Last edited: May 7, All challenge descriptions below, of course start with "Your TDI For example a cavern , grand canyon.

Need to see the expiration date. The house has to have a two car garage Winner: WutGas? Either Traditional, like a dead guy on a horse, or Modern, like one of those twisty metal sculptures that are all over the place Winner: fnjimmy! Not on the same side of the board as St. Charles Place! Must say Ice on it! AND you "dressed" for St. Bonus points for a finished one! Bonus points if it is a real "Woody". Examples: an old gothic church; or a TDI member wearing 'just' a Fig leaf in front of town hall.

Last edited: Jul 25, I'm splitting up the thread NewLyme Veteran Member. Well someone's got to be first on volume 2! Something interesting I saw the other day. Growler Got Soot Vendor. Its Gandalf! Awesome find Newlyme. For the new thread can we please try to keep the pictures size to no more than x

Flowers On 45 is a compilation of Happy Flowers' four Homestead singles, along with previously unreleased live tracks, outtakes, and a dozen songs from Beers' and Kramer's pre-HF projects. One second: I just received an important email about Penis Enlarge Patch RX, inviting me to "Be ready to any unrestrained imagination!".

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  2. Though I wouldn't consider this the best Happy Flowers album, it IS a collection-completer. The first half of the album are songs that were (you guessed it) released on The second half of the album are live songs and songs from the various bands Mr. Anus and Mr. HCI were in throughout the years.4/5(3).
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  5. What initially would have been just that, a collection of Happy Flowers' four 7" singles on Homestead, became something more when, as the band said in the entertaining liner notes, "we were told that there wouldn't be a whole lot of music on if we didn't pad it out." The end result is a completely all-over-the-place (and all the more entertaining for it) overview of the bandmembers' earlier 8/
  6. Click to View: Label: Cat# Date: Format: Comments: Rating: Value: Happy Flowers A1: They Cleaned My Cut Out With A Wire Brush B1: Just Wait Till I'm Bigger Than You B2: My Mother Is A Fish: Homestead USA: HMS 7" 0: Happy Flowers A1: BB Gun B1: Charlie Got A Haircut B2: I Ate Something Out Of The Medicine Cabinet: Homestead USA: HMS 7" 1: Happy Flowers.
  7. Happy Flowers Peel Session A1: My Head's On Fire A2: Mom And Dad Like The Baby More Than Me B1: Ruckwerts Essen Jetzt B2: I Dropped My Ice Cream Cone B3: These Peas Are So Green: Homestead USA: HMS 7" 0: Sebadoh Gimme Indie Rock! A1: Gimme Indie Rock A2: Ride The Darker Wave B1: Red Riding Good B2: New King B3: Calling Yog Soggoth.
  8. HAPPY FLOWERS John Peel 28th April The session is available on the Peel Session EP (7", , Homestead). 1. Recorded: Broadcast: 11 July Repeated: 11 September My Head's On Fire / Mom And Dad Like The Baby More Than Me / Ruckwerts Essen Vetzt / I Dropped My Ice Cream Cone / These Peas Are So Green.
  9. Holstein Cheese knife; Holstein Cow handle $/19 Ice Cream Scoop; Holstein steer eating ice cream cone; cute; as new $/19 Milk bottle, round, w appliqued cows w reindeer horns & christmas wreaths; $/20 Jar Pencils; CLUB MOO, holstein patterned ea. $/19 Plush toy; Cow, Holstein; 13"; TOY FACTORY; Ex $/19 Rocker; Holstein.

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