Joosy Froot - Jared Mees & The Grown Children - 2010 Tour EP (CDr)

PDX Pow Wow! Song Force Crystal Album 3 versions. Hunger And Thirst Album 5 versions. Court The Storm Album 3 versions. Tender Loving Empire , Apes Tapes. Heat Waves Album 2 versions. Common Sentiments Single 2 versions. Animals In The Median Album 6 versions. Beneath The Brine Album 3 versions. From Shores Of Sleep Album 2 versions.

Noctunes Album 3 versions. Ojos Del Sol Album 2 versions. Life Is Long Album 2 versions. Emotional Freedom Technique Album 2 versions.

Little Darkness Album 2 versions. Hey Galaxy Album 2 versions. Fables Album 2 versions. RnB VOL. The Right Time Album 2 versions. Do you like music that is often tagged Americana?

Do you like acoustic guitars backed by full bands? Do you like questions regarding your musical preferences? If so, you might like this show. I make no promises, but I do link to all of the bands to check out. I have been meaning to catch Quiet Life for quite some time now. Starfucker has not, to my limited knowledge , played a Portland show in some time. Welcome back guys. I am glad you have returned to you senses in regards to your name.

I am also glad that you signed to a kick ass music label. Polyvinyl is awesome. They are one of the only record labels that I order from on a relatively frequent basis.

Oh and I think their music is pretty good. Josh Hodges is a pop mastermind. He creates synth hooks like no one's business. Octopus Project is a band of kinda weirdos from Austin.

They used to have electrical outlet masks. I have an ep of theirs. I also have the collaboration they did with Black Moth Super Rainbow. That album is really good. As you might expect from anyone that collaborates with Black Moth Super Rainbow, they are kinda experimental Strength is a dance rock band. Therefore they are obviously a little cheesy. But you know what?

I like cheese. They have disco guitars and beats and loads of synth bass. Check it out. I have only seen him play solo, but I bet that at a venue this size he will gather a full band.

His songs usually come off as warm and honest. I have liked him since I was in college. Secret Codes is that brainchild of one David Kyle. He grew up on math rock and post rock. He makes music that sounds kinda Jazzy.

In the way that Tortoise is kinda jazzy. I like it tons. Heartbreak Beat is the new band of Martyn Leaper. You may know his old band The Minders. They were a part of The mother lovin ' Elephant Six Crew. Indie Pop lives! Retake Trio sound interesting. This was on their myspace page, " The Retake Trio is an offshoot of Retake Productions, a music production company that was founded in by Kyle Williams and Adam Fuderer. Their goal is to create music that enhances great films and exposes them to a broad variety of people.

They strive to develop a symbiotic relationship between film and music that puts traditional, classical elements in juxtaposition with a post-modern, jazz-based palate. If you see me at any of these shows please say "Hi". If you tell me your name I can make you Internet famous by mentioning in this very blog.

Starfucker Forever. Hello Dear Readers, Last night I stayed home. Basically what I need to do is save up enough to get a bike. I think that would help.

I want to be able to afford to get to show and be able to pay to get in. I realize that some of my show absences have been financial decisions. I think a bike is way more economical. Anyway, enough of my bitching. That is right it. I love that band so much and realized that I have been listening to them for abut ten years. That is kinda nuts. They introduced me to genre tags such as indie pop, Twee, and baroque pop.

They have been consistently been putting out good records. There is a new album out called Write About Love. I think it is pretty darned good. I will see this show. If nothing to see my homies in Typhoon. They are sooooo good. I am happy to see them playing a show this size. They play music that is so epic pulls tight the heart strings and also at times channels pure joy.

I cannot recommend them enough. They are going to have Y La Bamba play a set. As a member of Y La Bamba , I am so stoked about this show. As I said before, I love that band. Plus we will be debuting a new arrangement of an old song but newer than anything on our new album. It will be a high energy set, as that is what has been requested of us. It is quality unheard stuff mostly.

He digs and finds treasures. If you see me at either of these shows please say, "Hi". Hello Dear Readers, After a long day, I was unable to go out at all. I did a full day of work followed by back to back band practices and a band meeting. I just wanted to go home. Which I did. I hope that you guys went out to some shows. What did I miss?

Should I be living in regret? Let me know either way. Oh, and here are some shows that look pretty good: Valentine's is having a show with Pegasus Dream , Brass Clouds , and Stepkid. Do you like synth based pop music that use lived drummers and guitars?

They have a lot going on for them including vocal harmonies that a lot of electro pop groups that lack the huge pop sensibilities lack. Think Of Montreal mixed with Ratatat. I have not seen them but I want to. Hey, do you guys remember that band Bark Hide and Horn? They had this drummer you see. And like many drummers in this town, he has the ability to play many other instruments. Well, anyway apparently almost every day this drummer lets call him Dusty plays music with his buddy Henry.

They not only play everyday, but I think they record most of it. They even decided to call it a band and play out sometimes. Whenever you see the band name Brass Clouds, you should think of these guys because they are one and the same. I actually have not seen XDS in a long time, so I have not seen him drum. But I bet that is pretty cool. This project appears to have a lot of drums that are not live. This makes sense because although it can be done, it is hard to play many instruments while holding down a drum beat.

Some of the Stepkid music is chill electronic beats. But some of it reminds me of the digital hardcore music I used to listen to in high school. That is to say it has high energy distorted break beats and vocals and whatever. You can download his e for free right here.

Beauty Bar is having a show with Archeology. Just in case you did not catch Archeology play Mississippi Studios last night like I did , you can see them tonight. They are playing every Monday as past a residency at Beauty Bar. I hear that while the space is small that the shows are fun. And this band is only going to get better. I don't have their latest album, but I have one of the three EPs they released over the last couple of years.

It is poppy as hell. It focuses around double lead vocals and lead acoustic guitar filled out with the full indie pop garnishes. And with a little help from Amy Moon O. It seems folk with some interesting elements that don't always make current folk music. Like whistling or kazoo. I am writing about this show because I like the music of Michael Hurley. He is an older dude that makes folk music really well. I think it is just good. The show is at 6 PM. Or hello or Salutations, if you must.

Hello Dear Readers, Last night I did not go to a show. But I did hang out with a lot of musicians note: I don't have any real friends, just people who play music with or shared bills with. There was a birthday party at Bunk Bar. Then I went to Eric's house he is my "friend" and also plays accordion in Y La Bamba and he had two baby ducks. They were playing with a baby kitten. It is really really hard to leave a place where there is that amount of cuteness occurring.

Crayon Fields are a self proclaimed pop band. A name like Crayon Fields gives off an air of twee. Archeology are playing a lot this month because of their residency at Beauty Bar. They will probably be really tight. They have pop music with huge hooks that will get stuck in your head immediately upon listening. Karl Blau is a staple in Pacific NW indie music. I first heard of him from a Microphones song of his name sake.

I later learned that he was a real person and actually had something to do with the making of the record.

His name keeps coming up in all sorts of places. From working with everyone from indie-pop bands like Lake to Doom bands like Earth. He is around and keeping busy. I think his solo stuff is mostly anything goes indie-pop. Rontoms is having a show with Gavin Castleton and Lex Land. Gavin Castleton is a guy who is hard to peg. I will not try to, but I do want to let you know that I think the guy makes great music.

He crafts it. He can play many instruments, really well and can loop and be a one man band, or play with others. He can sing. He can rap. He can conceive interesting concepts and make them available to people. I guess what I am saying is that he is the real deal. Oooo , I just saw that he might consider himself progressive soul.

I like that. He has an album about to come out called Won Over Frequency. I don't know much about Lex Land, but my guess is that there might be some collaboration going on tonight. Kelly Stoltz is a pop guy. If you listen to his music, the obvious influences are there. It still manages to sound fresh though. It still sounds really good.

He is touring a new album that just came out on Sub Pop. It is always fun to see a person play songs they are stoked on. I played a show with Old Light very recently their CD release show. I thought they were pretty good. I really enjoyed their use of three part harmonies and ability to find the groove in a song and ride it out.

Plus I have never seen an auto harp played though a pedal board. It sounded really cool. Evan Way is probably better know as that dude from Parson Red Heads. He recorded a solo ep a while back. I bet he will play some songs off of it. I have only heard three songs that he has up on myspace. They are all different. One sounds very sparse like a Mark Kozelek song he's listed as an influence. One songs sounds sounds a little like a Cat Stevens song.

Then there is a crazy freak out piece. So I guess I don't really know what to expect. Million Braziians play peculiar psychedelic punk music that sounds like it came from a strange place. Which is very well may have.

I am mostly listing this show because of Davis Hooker, who one of my good friends said is really good. He doesn't play out much. He only has one song on myspace. He is a bit of a mystery. I think he plays an acoustic guitar and writes very sad songs.

Or at least that is the impression that I get. Hello Dear Readers, I went to a show last night! After what seems forever in actuality about a week It felt good. The Angry Orts started the night, but saved their best stuff for the end of their set. Their guitar player can really play. He reminds me kinda of the Les Savy Fav or something.

Their Singer can really wail and she works the crowd. It was good. But then Jared Mees totally killed it. They were so good. They have gotten even more epic sounding. Their trumpet player Javier now also plays guitar. There are more vocals. And there is more percussion by multi-instrumentalist Megan.

I loved it. The Ascetic Junkies came on next and started strong with a cover of LCD Sound System , an interesting choice for a band that incorporates banjo. They played their whole record really well. They also had surprise dancers to knew how to umm … shake it.

By the end of the set, all of the dudes in the band it is mostly dudes were shirtless. The lady was in a risque outfit as well. Everyone had fun. It was a blast to watch. Good times. They are having Hey Lover play there tonight celebrating the release of their new 7" and The Grand Opening of the shop. This makes me a little sad.

I used to up until a few months ago live blocks away from there. I want a record store right next to my house. Hey Lover is a high energy indie rock band.

The music to me comes off as innocent and fun. The reason I am listing this show is two fold. First off, I think Blue Horns are great. I love what they do which is jangle the crap out of some rock and roll.

The second reason I write about this show is because my buddy Sean Flinn has mentioned on a couple of occasions The Nightgowns. It usually goes like this: Sean - "Hey have you ever heard of the The Nightgowns?

Their from Tacoma. I played a show with them once. They were pretty great. I can't remember things! It kinda reminded me of brit pop a little. There was some synth action too. People Under The Sun is a band that makes chill pop music. The band features Alison who fronts her own band, the excellent Strange Holiday, and is in the same ball park as that band. That is to say there is a fair amount of reverb going on, but this band is fronted by a guy and has a lot more arppegiated keyboards.

Backspace is having a benefit show for a cat. How could I not list this show? Apparently Mike Harper's cat was victim of a hit and run. I have know idea who Mike Harper is, but I think it would be a good deed to go to this show and help out his feline companion. Spesus Christ make bedroom pop… electro style. Your Canvas play spacey female led dream rock. Adventures With Might play electro -pop as well.

Also, Bootz Orchestra is a band that I have written about before and liked which is another reason I am writing a bout the show. They seem to make epic folk. They have trumpets and clarinets, accordion, pianos, violin, uke , and much much more. I have never seen them live, but I bet it's cool. It all starts at 8 PM. For real. Hello Dear Readers, Every year when it starts to get a little colder at night I have a mini freak out.

It is during this temperature change that I find myself going to less and less shows. Then I have a conversation with myself that goes like this, "Why don't you want to go to the show? I bet is because you are getting old Then I reassure myself that it is just because I am just a wuss when it comes to any weather that is not between 65 and 85 degrees.

The Ascetic Junkies are releasing an album tonight. They call it I have not heard much of it, but what I have heard I like. This pop band is cool because they grew organically that is how we grow things here in Portland into their own sound.

I believe that maybe at one point they were? They have some of the same instrumentation, but the sound is different. The music are centered around songwriters Kali Giaritta and Matt Harmon lyrics which they have actually linked to from their myspace.

Jared Mees and company just got back from a West coast tour with buddies Monarques. It has been my experience that when you see a band that has just come back from tour, they are always amazing.

This is a band that I always thought had a great live show already. They always exude positive energy. The Angry Orts also bring the energy that is required to have a fun show. Wax Fingers have been on my radar for a while. I received their album a little over a month ago and I was very impressed. There is no getting around it, their music is just cool. There are some obvious influences in there, but nothing sounds too derivative. It sounds fresh and vibrant.

No Kind of Rider are a band that I have been meaning to catch live for some time. They have an new album out called Danger. The album title is very close the the song on the album called Daaanger. The three a's let you know it is serious. The music itself has always seemed a bit dark. It is indie rock along the lines of something big like Muse or something. You know how people are always sticklers about not touching the art. These are not those people. There will be several exhibits and performance pieces I have heard that two naked guys are going to wrestle just like in the olden days.

There is a pdf will all kinds of information right here. You guys know I am a fool for Blue Cranes. Well it turns out that they are collectively a fool for Wayne Horvitz. So much so that they covered a version of Wayne's Love Love Love and put it on their recently released stellar album, Observatories. Wayne is a piano man. Sweeter Than The Day is a group is fairly new.

He apparently hasn't fronted a band in a while. Looks to be very interesting. I really like Pony Village. I am pretty sure that if you are a fan of indie type musics, that you will like Pony Village too. I have not seen Future Historians but they have graced my posts before. They find themselves on good bills. It is a sure fire way for me to think you are cool. I bet they get to Wayne to join in tonight at TaborSpace. Hello Dear Readers, Okay, I need to be honest. Lately I have not been motivated to see shows.

I think the change of weather has gotten to me. I need to buck up. I need to see live music. Yesterday I was going to go out to something but then ended up not. Instead I did something that I have not done in a long time. I listened to records and read a book.

It felt great. But seeing shows is great too. Here are some that look good to me: Music Millennium is having an in-store with Ascetic Junkies. I have been meaning to see them for quite a long time.

They have very blank songs. They used to have the genre bluegrass attached to them. And honestly I just listened to them again and they are right. They are more interesting than that. Their songs are really catchy and filled with cool parts. If anything they are a pop band. If you can't make it to this show, you can them tomorrow at Doug Fir Lounge with the previously mention Jared Mees and company.

Basically I think that Kelli Schaefer is amazing. The people she records with sound great. She should be huge. Lovers are great. I have not seen them yet, but I can get down with their electro -pop stylings.

This is the album release for their latest Dark Light. Their album was great and I loved it. I have not listened to this one all the way through, but I look forward to doing so. Also Kusikia is one of the best bands in Portland. If you have not seen them, you should rectify that tonight.

The two piece is drums a guitar and an amazing voice. I really can't describe it but it gives me chills to see it live. You can download Kusikia's album for free here. Or some sort of greeting -Ben Kusikia play at Doug Fir tonight! Hello Dear Readers, Nothing to make you want to not want to see a show like practicing music for hours. Or at least sometimes that happens to me.

I am not saying that it happened to me last night, but that happened to me last night. Did you guys make it out to any shows? Which ones? Did you see what is happening tonight?

It will be pretty bomb. There will be "an epileptic amount of crazy-ass psychedelic animation". They are not subtle with their intentions. The show will also feature Nice Nice and Atole. I imagine that both bands can provide the perfect soundtrack to some trippy visuals.

I have seen Nice Nice three times and I have had a blast every time. They play music that is straight up trance inducing. Like you just need to dance or bounce or make some sort of movement. The cool part is that is made by only two people. They have a lot of gear and do a lot of layered looping. But have a live drummer. That is hard to make work. But they pull it off. I have only seen Atole once but it was pretty fun.

They definitely have a very high groove factor. They mix a lot of live instrumentation and electronic devices. It is sweet. If you see me at this show please say, "Hi". I am hoping that you will. Holocene tonight is going to be animated. Nice Nice and Atole! I have been kept with my current trend of staying in.

Which in retrospect I regret a bit. My room mates went to go see We're From Japan! I didn't go because of my case of the sleepies , but the guys were home before they had completely taken me over. I should have gone. Tom Tom Magazine is dedicated to female drummers, something this town has a lot of. But the magazine is world wide. Tom Tom serves a unique purpose by catering exclusively to female drummers and providing them with important information and resources.

We are dedicated to bringing you interviews and information about female percussionists from around the world. We are online and in print.

Lavender Mirror is a duo that make electronic music. TJO is amazing. She straddles the folk and experimental world she is doing a performance with Elizabeth Venable drummer for Sad Horse. In related Elizabeth Venable news, I found that you can download an album of her's for free right here. Secret Century's is supposedly something to do with Mama Fleshtone. I am guessing that had something to do with Fleshtone. I am unsure if I got the correct link.

He is usually on the piano of on some synths. He sometimes has a backing band called The Doxyhaunts.

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  2. Oct 05,  · I went to a show last night! After what seems forever (in actuality about a week) It felt good. I went to Doug Fir and caught The Angry Orts, Jared Mees and The Grown Children, and The Ascetic Junkies. The Angry Orts started the night, but saved their best stuff for the end of their set. Their guitar player can really play.

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