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The Breakfast Club. Crime Junkie. If you can never get enough true crime The Piketon Massacre. Inatal H and yoa are ilone wilb apittttng wood, carryfag coala and- claaalng flaes. You get the same results each time — no guess work. Your kitchen is always clean.

Visit our show rooms audi this modern way of cooking. Sales Dept. Phone The boya will try and ehow the fana bow cloae a flyer can come to break- Ins a hole In the ground without do- Ina: It. This same Cy.

If he lives up to his reputation made In other and faster leagues, will be a very welcome addi- tion to the Tyees. He has always been a good hitter, hitting close to the three hundred mafk In the Coast League last season, and knows the game from all angles. He will have four days a week to enjoy the sport for two or three weeks and teys he might engage In it as a busi- ness: not a bad idea.

Molvor Is also a corking good left hand pitcher and will work In one of the games this week. Liouis Club In He returned to this. He went over with the 91st Division of the A. The other pitcher will also be along before Friday, but the management cannot give his name out yet, as the choice is between two men, and will be announced later. Hamilton and Brown were very much handicapped at the start.

Every other club In the League had two or three months' time to sign their men. The grounds are yet a considerable bother, and, if anyone could tfTi them where some good dirt could bo had for a top cover to the InOeld to smooth It out and cover the rocks, they would be conferring a- big favor.

Friday afternoon will be Ladies' Day all Summer,, and the manage- ment hopes that the fair sex will take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and beif ore eoming to the game drive oat to Resthaven Hbspital and bring some of the boys to the game.

The hospital boys are admitted free all season and will appreciate seeing their good friend Aeroplane as well as enjoying the game. Smith, of kanohester. Jem Mace, who was the champion of England from until S, was, comparatively, a lightweight, whose style has been considered bet- ter even than that of Bayers, and has always been looked upon as one of the greatest lighters ot all time.

He was the last of the great prise fight- ers. John Hart Presents Individual Prizes. Richardson paid a tribute to the good work of President Mowat and Secretary Percy Watson, to whose efforts was in great measure due the fact that Victoria has had the most successful amateur hockey season in Its history.

Following the presentation of the cup, Hon. John Hart bestowed rings as individual prlxes upon the mem- l ers of the winning team, a touch of sadness attaching to this ceremony by reason of the fact that one of the members of the winning ttem. Bobby Morgan, has since died of influenza, the prize which should have been his being received, by his father. The toast list was the means of calling forth several bright little ora- torical efforts, among the speakers being Darrel Spence.

Percy Watson. Lester Patrick and Jack O'Brien. Watson was the recipient of a token ot esteem in the shape of a signet ring. Lester Patrick gave an Interesting historical sketch of the game which Is now recognized as the national game of Canada, tracing the playing of hockey back to the times of the Romans, and he claimed that hockey contributed a larger share to the Canadian OverBeaa Forces than any other sport.

That Is a little personal history of the boy. The goalle-that-was la now In the cook's department of the bis Aua- trallan liner Niagara, which arrived here test night. This Is his first round trip. Asked if he was coming back to the game in Victoria, Hum- phries Bald that he mlsht stop off next trip If he could find a luitable position. The net-tender looks keen, well and happy.

He doesn't vrear the old private's cap any more. This me- mento of his military career used to stick with him when he pteyed, and served to distinguish A.

Hum- phries on the field. At Philadelphia— B. New York. Martin, swimming under the colors ot the V. This is of especial interest to local swim- mers, as Mrs. Martin speaks highly of the very courteous treatment accorded her while In Portland by the members and officials of the Multnomah Club. It is hoped that at nb very distant date Ladysmlth will have a swlnymlng tank. In which local swlhimers Will be able to practise and train for the various Indoor meets.

What is probably a world's record in copper extraction is the result of a test run Just completed at the Lockwood-Ualzlel demonBtration plant In this city, says the Vancouver Prov- ince. Working with ore containing an assay value of 2. The ore is from the Norse- man grouilt on Texada Island, said to be one of the most rcfrtictory In the province. In the solution the analysis showed that not a trace of copper remained and In the "flnea" or the powdered residuo the same condition was shown.

Only in the "over-sized" par- ticles of ore was any copper found, leaving the net extraction as stated. Preparations for the installation of a two hundred-ton plant are now well advanced and by Fall should be In full running order. Arrangements are also being made to Install a plant at White Horse, where a num- ber of properties which hitherto have been precluded from operating be- cause of the cbst of transportation to a treatment point, may now be brought m as producers.

Kenny and Perkins, McAvoy. At Boston— R. At CleveUnd— R H. Philadelphia ,,,,. At New York— R- H. Luqae and Itarlden, Allen. At St. Louie— B. Goodwin and Snyder. At Portland— 7 R H. At Sacramento— R H. About the time the airmen In Eastern Canada received their dis- charges last Fall. In other parts of the country, however, he understood the Canadian forces had several hockey teams. James and Mrs. The balance-sheet ehows a beSanee to favor of the hospital of fiSS.

The hos-. Bossom Simpson Dougan 6, W. Bland Smith May 10, about eighty' birds competinr. Louis S 9 Boston 1 9 L. Bay view Park on MaumeaBay.. The Toledo boxJ log commission today Issued a permit for the boet. The arena, la wbloh the fight will- be- staged at three d'efock on the after- noon of July 4th, will seat 60, when completed. May 3. The meet- ing was well attended by between fifty and sUty persdns.

The year had prov- ed a very eoccessful one In every re- spect, and the management was wannly congratulated by the govemrteot repret sentetlve, Mandgcr Mr. Castle knd by the meetlnv. Altkens, Mr. Fulton Ms added to the sueoees- ful year by her kind personality with all patients.

Meoat, Mr. Bbtlaek, Mr. Dean,, Mra. UaUey, Mre. Stacey, Mrs. Ottkee, Miss Mouat, Mrs. Seymour and otherh. Scott left for Victoria 00 Monday, where they will spend a week 6r so, the guests of Mrs. Crolt Mrs. Altkens left on Mopday for Cowkshan. May 8. He waa im- mediately rushed to the CoquUlam pri- vate hospital, where he was attended to by Dr. It missed the large femoral artery and bode, but cut the larger leg meeclee like a razor.

He lost a lot ot blood Md suffered agony before his injartee Were dressed. Foxton only recently quit the ehlpyards to work at the steel mills. Louis W. He expects to eee a team In Seattle, another in Vletorla. Pre- sident Frank Burde stated yesterday. Burde has been notified that the Westminster Club will be repreeented at the meeting and win put a team In the league this season.

Secretary Fred Lynch, of New Weetmlneter, saya that several 'Important nxatters are to oome op tor diecusslon. Thie Offered the Frenehmen an op- portunity to ehow how eager they are to forget the war In participat- ing In sports.

The attendance waa so large that employeee In the Mntual betting nog were onaible adequately to handle the throng. The prlnelpftl event was won by an outgMer. Tonight Dr. Could any other arrangement show such a belief ill the value of goods we sell? OO Combination Ringa from fl7. Each picture can be named ' and dated at the time taken, which alone is an outstand- ing feature.

Your week-end trip will not be complete with- out one. Let us show you how easy it is to take good pictures. Both men entered the bank and one forced the cashier and two young wo- men assistants to hold up their hands, while the other took the money from the open safe. This was one of the several prac- tical remarks made yesterday after- noon -by Mrs.

George W. Oregon, in the course of the very Interesting "common sense" talk she gave before the members of the Women's Canadian Club. Mc- Math, at the suggestion of Mrs. Jon- kins, through whom she came to be invited to speak to the Women's Cana- dian Club, had chosen "Child Wel- fare" as her subject, but, contrary to the usual treatment of the topic, she made It cover the long period from birth to 21 years of age. Dividing this into three phases, viz..

One Humlrcd Per Cent "If Irt all these things the child were per cent perfect, then there would not be so much dlfflculty In working for perfect men and women," she contended In commencing her analysis of some of the problems to be dealt with In the bringing up of the boy and girl of today. The physical was very important as a starting point.

Just how the nation stood in this respect was demon- strated in the lato war, when the men were brought up for examination prior to enrolment In the army. Somewhere there was a woeful lack in the health of the nation for this condition to exist.

For even the 60 per cent did not represent a perfect standard. That 60 per cent unfit could not go Into the industrial world and accomplish what they would have been able to accomplish had they been physically fit. Good health was important as a beginning. It was perhaps most Im- portant of the four elements In the first seven years of the child's life, but during this period there were op- portunities also to train the child's mind and teach it some of the simple lessons of kindness and unselfishness.

McMath spoke about the work there in connection with child welfare. An Educational Bureau for Parents had been established there some time ago. Once a week baby tests are held, when those who wish can have their children weighed and measured. IncldenUlly some very amazing In- stances of parents' Ignorance had been discovered. One well-dressed woman with a six-months old child had come to ask for advice as to when she might commence to bathe her baby.

Another mother had an- nounced that she fed her baby of eight months anything that the family had. Visited by the superintendent of schools, tho farmer had displayed Impatience when questioned as to the age and habits of his children.

If they do not govern them when they are small, how can they expect to. Take 1 Ublespoonful four times a day. This will often bring quick re- lief from the dlstresMlAg bead noises. Clogged nostrils should open, breathing become easy and the mucus stop dropping into the throat It is easy to prepare, costs little and Is pleasant to tske.

Anyone who has Catarrhal trouble of the earn. Is hard of hearing or has head noises should give this prescription a trial. I talking they drifted into more mis- chievous plans. Personally she had often given up her Saturday morning to taking her boy and his friends to the park playground rather than leave them to their own devices. The Influence of the school teacher wag referred to, and the speaker asked her hearers to be Just to the patient worker.

VocatkMUi Then came the period when the boya' and girls' vocations had to bo thought of. The foolishness of choos- ing a profession for a child of four simply because It showed a modest tendency to sing or dance was re- ferred to. How was the average child of 14 or less to know whether or not It wanted to study medicine to be a doctor?

Let boys and girls up to that age enjoy their games and the happy time that would never come back. A great deal could be done. Something that would give a man en- joyment rather than something that merely "paid well" should be sought, for to the former the worker would lend his attention willingly and hap- pily.

And good honest work Well done should be esteemed of equal value, whether that work were In one of the professions, such as law or medicine, or in the building of something beautiful like the Parlia- ment Buildings of Victoria. Wlren she was leaving for Victoria, Mrs. McMath said, she had been given a reminder by Colonel Leeder, a mili- tary man of Oregon, that she must Incorporate in her talk something about "Industrial Fitness.

This was a useful thing, and came later to bo valued and appreciated by the Allied army. Perfection of Work "We must realise that perfection and honest work should make the standard and net the class of work," repeated the speaker.

There was no use in trying to make a round peg fit a square hole. Parents shouJd not unwisely try to turn their ' sons to traditional professions Just because "they ran in the family. Spofford moved ahd Mrs.

An- drews seconded the vote of thanks to Mrs. V Please do not judge these Hats by the price. Every Hat we oflFer in this sale is of the vogue and suitable for the present wear.

Before June 1st. The Government hss asked that all retnrned men who are de- sirous of adopting this means of earning their livelihood this season make formal application for heir licences before June 1. The percentage of licences allotted by the Fisheries Department for the use of the returned men has been based chleflly on the conditions pre- vailing in each district, including the number of boats and nets available, the probable run of fish and the ex- perience required in the various waters.

Gra- ham, knowing the rug was stolen. Bran- don, closed his case, pointed out that there was no evidence to show the trunk In which the rug was located by city detectives at Pandora Avenue, where Brill was alleged to be living at the time, was Brill's pro- perty. Hence he instructed the jury to throw out the charge, the prison- er, represented by Mr. Walls, not being called upon to present any de- fence. Robert C.

Hetherlngton, a like point arose, and Mr. Brandon decided to withdraw the charge after Mr. Walls, had protested against its being stood over, a protest which His Lordship stated he was bound to consider. The prisoner was remand- ed on the third charge, one also of receiving stolen goods.

This lalttsr case will be proceeded with this rooming. In the first charge Mr. Graham testified to his rug having been stolen from his motor while he and his family were In church on the night of December 3 last. He Identified the rug produced as the one stolen, and which, evidence presented by Detec- tive Sergeant O'Leary set forth, had been subsequently located in the Pan- dora Avenue house wherein accused was then living.

The rug, with others, was found In the bottom of a trunk In the room which a woman who claimed to be accused's wife had told the police officers was Brill's. Instructed Vrrdlct That constituted the amount of evi- dence presented by the Crown, and as Mr. Walls wau seeking to Impress the Jury with the fact that It had not been proved that the rug in question could be considered to exceed in Value, His Liordship called Mr.

Bran- don's attention to the fact that there was no proof that the trunk in which the rug was found by the police was accused's. Brandon, whereupon the Jury was Instructed to return a ver- dict of not guilty, which It did. Frank Waring foreman , James W.

Robert G. Osborne, Thomas H. Ostrom and Charles B. A gross case of depravity was brought out In the charge agamst Indar 8lngh, an East Indian, charged with an Indecent assault upon a boy of eleven years. The evidence show- ed that three other lads of similar or younierer age were also involved. The prisoner, to whom the o. Evidence was given by two of the lads, both broth- ers, by their mother and by Dr. Further evidence In the case will be heard this morning.

The Jury hearing the case ftg. Percy C. Abel, Robert O. Osborne, O. Nelll, Frank Frost, W. Citing the Value Place chain's history of frequent police calls, protesters have repeatedly pled to county commissioners that the inn would dimin- ish quality of life and lower property values. At last week's Palm Beach Gardens City Coun- cil meeting, officials reviewed their stance on the matter, conceding that the proposed project does- n't serve the interest of the community.

But, since the plot lies outside of the city's juris- diction, in an unincorpo- rated sector controlled by the Palm Beach County Commission, council members. After the board approved a preliminary site-plan change in October, the city's remaining recourse was to formally submit objections to a fact-find- ing panel, called the Inter- governmental Plan Amendment Review Com- mittee.

The panel, which con- vened last month, brings together city and county officials to discuss contro- versial land-use issues. Irwin said the city's objections would be sub- mitted to the zoning board before they decide on the final land use change on March 3. The charity contributes money to the Nicklaus Chil- dren's Healthcare Foundation and other nonprofits that benefit children.

The event was held at a private museum of classic cars owned by John Staluppi, a Palm Beach Gardens resident who manufactures yachts. His collection is stored iq a building near the intersection of U. The Honda Classic will be held from Feb. Calls to Bill Decker, the event's contact, were not returned by press time. Compiled by staff writer Sarah Stover Presidential candidate drops by local dell Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani made his way through Toojay's Gourmet Deli last week, avoiding eye contact with the crowd of Ron Paul picketers out to spoil his visit.

In a last ditch effort to muster support, Mr. Giuliani's campaign concentrated on winning the 57 Florida dele- gates' crucial vote. After placing sixth in the Iowa, Michi- gan and Nevada primaries, and fourth in New Hampshire, the former NewYork mayor focused his resources on Flori- da and skipped the South Carolina contest.

Giuliani amidst a large showing of supporters, anti-abor- tion protesters decrying the candidate's pro-choice lean- ings, and unsuspecting deli patrons munching down sal- ads and tongue sandwiches. In an appeal to local concerns, Mr. Giuliani focused on his support of a national catastrophe fund that would pool risk among states to lessen the burden on disaster-prone areas and lower insurance rates for those within them.

Conditions were cramped, but the former mayor maneuvered through the delis' thin aisles to shake hands and pose for pictures. Board member resigns A long-time board member of the North County Improvement District resigned last week. You need a break from all the monthly bills. We get it, and we'd Dr. Richard S. Faro and Dr. Joseph Motta, the area's leaders in venous and vascular care, will screen for the presence of varicose veins and venous disease.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to have board certified vascular surgeons evaluate the health of your venus system! Appointment required as space is limited! This month we are giving five people the chance to have their mortgage or rent paid for a full month, All you need to do is come in to any' Riverside Bank branch and fill out an entry form.

You don't have to buy anything. You don't need to open an account, And you don't need to be one of our customers.

Its that simple,. The promotion is open to all legal residents of the United States who are 18 years of age or. Further details, including the official rules, are available at any Riverside Bank branch location and at www. I IS:'. Hom etown NewsO L. I know of some areas that the officers had to share them," Lt. Hawes said. Even the shifts have changed. Officers worked a rotation of eight-hour shifts until recently, when they changed to hour shifts, she said.

The pay is a lot different these days, too. Hawes was an invalu- able employee to the department. I saw her deal with citizens in situa- tions that started out in anger and she subdued them and made a friend along the way," the chief said. For more Art Festival details call I will personally miss her upbeat and supportive smile. Knight served as public safety director prior to Chief Canfield coming on board.

She feels the same way about the staff she worked with. While she remembers her colleagues warmly, she has other memories from her time at the department. When asked about some of her strangest arrests or incidents, she remembered a time they arrested a female shoplifter. Hawes, laughing. As for retired life, so far she has, spent it running errands and doing stuff around the house. I'm exhausted," said Lt.

Hawes, smiling. She does not plan to slow down though. Her god- mother is taking her to Las Vegas, and she has other plans to travel. She and her husband, John, who she met when they both worked at. If they move there, they might rescue some ani- mals, which will add to the five Chihuahaus and two German shepherds they currently have, she said. She can ponder what to do with the land while sit- ting in the rocking chair the girls from dispatch and records gave her as a retire- ment gift.

Hawes plans to give herself a retirement gift as well, but can't decide between a new car or a trip to Alaska. The department is hosting a retirement party for Lt. Hawes on Feb. For more information, call Susanne Crews at We have decent stacking areas and a lot of room for traffic," said Mr. Ordinarily, security smiles and waives through every motorist, making the guard gates something of a superfluity. Drivers can pass by unquestioned and are free to rove what is essentially a public road.

That will soon change, and, once the new system is in place, PGA National will operate as any gated community. All, guests arriving from 9 p. Those trying to pass through to Northlake will be turned away.

Attempts to privatize the road have been in the works for some time, said Gary Fields, general coun- sel and spokesman for the PGA property owner's association.

Residents have long complained that passers- through tend to speed and, since the community's completion in the late 70s, the property owners asso- ciation has cited weaker security associated with public access.

Fields added. Reinforcing the property owners' case for privatiza- tion, recent studies have revealed a vast majority of the traffic to be internal, and, while nearly all of the drivers on Ryder Cup Boulevard are residents or guests, most speeding cul- prits are just trying to get to Northlake. Resident reactions to the restriction have been over- whelmingly positive.

But some residents are concerned about manag- ing the influx of visitors and authorizing their entry. There aren't many break-ins.

Restricting access at night couldn't hurt but, depending on how they work the gate, it might be a huge pain for the visitors," said David Russotti, a resident of the Patio Homes sub-develop- ment. Fields was confident that the stacking areas out- side the gates are sufficient to handle the delays that might follow, as guards adapt to authorizing entry.

Friday, February 1, www. Felony: Driving while license permanently revoked; refusal to submit to chemical or physi- C cal rest Name: Roger Griffis Description: age: 55; race: white; sex: male. Identifying marks: Scais on left linger and. Palm N. Joseph Shuford, 31, ny, burglary and posses- Jupiter, wa 7 Joseph Shuford, 31 sion of stolen property. Palm Beach, was arrest- out a presc ed on Jan. Jupiter, wa Jan. Rebuild From page A2 said, 28 times more drinking water flows to locals in Mada'In Qada than did at the outset of Three to five shops open each week in Salman Pak's merchant center and are beginning to offer luxury items, such as washers and dryers that until now have been in limited supply.

Still, the battle to deliver water and electricity contin- ues. The major receives a daily report of electrical distribu- tion throughout his region that typically reveals 12 hours of electricity available per household in populated.

We take it for granted. Here in Iraq, you can't take anything for granted," said Major Carlisle. The willingness of the Iraqi people to accept a democra- cy that was pressed onto them depends, in large part, on the success of the munici- pal infrastructure, the major said. In turn, the governmental machine can by derailed by corruption, or driven by the will to forge ahead and sub- mit to a lost sovereignty.

Major Carlisle returns to Palm Beach Gardens next month for 18 days of leave. After nine months of assembling fragments of order in Salman'Pak, the year-old serviceman is eager to see his wife and kids. It is tougher on them than it is on me and I regret that, too," he said. When asked what he missed most about home, he responded, "I miss my family. I miss the ocean and the grass. Introducing a new physician practice from the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. Richard Kadingo, M.

Alexander Katz. Marc Brockman, O. Ralph Diaz. Delaware, as arrested on charged with assault with weapon with- to kill. Chavis, 20, th Way, as arrested on t charged with glary, robbery arm and kid- Hamzik, 18, 54th Road,. Description: age: 34; race: black; wex: male; height: 6 feet, 7 inches; weight: pounds: black hair and brown eyes..

Callers are asked to refrain from making slanderous statements. Statements of fact will be checked for accuracy. Florida living is different Before moving to Florida, we had a large yard and four children, hence, dogs, cats, chickens and-a horse.

Now here in Florida, there are two places dogs and the rest do not belong: condos and the beach, sometimes chil- dren also. Catalog mail My rant is about catalogs that come by mail. Since last Oct. About one-half have complied. Some are printed under different names, so both come to you. When asked how they got my name the reply is: "We rent- ed or bought your name from the stores where you bought things or and most upsetting from your credit card com- panies.

I cancelled all my bank credit cards and got dif- ferent ones. When I called the post office to ask it to stop all bulk mail they said they can't legally do that. We need a class action suit against catalog mail, as we did with telemarketing. Oh, that didn't work, did it?

Thank God all those catalogs have numbers. Confused about amendment No. I regarding the Homestead Act and watch- ing Gov. Crist's TV add in support of this proposition. Of course he won the vote because he promised to lower taxes, and provide more support for our seniors in Florida, but will it really?

If this passes, we will find other taxes will be raised to compensate for this proposed deficit in the budget. Many of the county services and protections we enjoy and take for granted will disappear. We can already see the effects of the county cutting and shuffling numbers on the books.

And who is already suffering? County employees and their families. Now we will also feel the effect, as our beautiful beaches are closed, lifeguards laid off, hazard pay denied, schools.. God help us when the police are directly affected. The poor economy will increase the crime and we all suffer in the end. Editor's note: To read the full text of the League of Women Voter's opinion on amendment 1, go to www. Stop passing on double yellow lines Twice in the last month as I drove through my residential neighborhood, going the speed limit, I might add, I have had two vehicles pass me on the double yellow line.

When has it become legal to pass on the double yellow? This is happening more and more and I am just appalled that someone can have such blatant disregard for the safety of others to save a few moments by speeding through a resi- dential neighborhood. These are not small vehicles, either. If you see yourself in this letter, take a breath and take your foot off the gas and just relax.

A few moments more to get where you are going won't kill you and just might save someone. More on hyperactivity drugs In response to a recent rant about all the drugs kids are getting for hyperactivity problems, I have good news..

Research is now being done and they are finding out that these hyperactive kids may have the condition called RLS, restless leg syndrome, which causes people and possibly kids to move their legs and bodies because of the nerve vibrations in their bodies that won't subside unless they are running or moving. They can't sit still. This is possibly caused, they are finding, from a lack of dopamine, a chemical way in the back of your brain.

Dopamine is a nerve transmitter, and if a person has too lit- tle of this chemical, it can cause plenty of discomfort and agitation. There are tests for this and these children's par- ents should seek a possible alternative to these strong med- icines for ADHD and ADD.

Dopamine also "feeds" on iron, and some people with this condition of restlessness are anemic. Exercise helps and so do some natural herbs, iron and vitamins. The RLS. Get these thousands of kids off these terrible drugs at so young an age.

Test them. Obnoxious commercials I, too, am disgusted with the "asterisk" commericals on television. I sent an e-mail relative to this obnoxious commercial to Bright House. They acknowledged receipt of my e-mail and stated that I would receive a response to my complaint. This did not happen. Another obnoxious commerical is the tax preparer who is after the business of people who have not filed their taxes in years and the IRS is after them.

He calls them good people. Letters A cry for help To the editor: While reading my paper today, I read we have trouble. Here is a copy of an e-mail I sent to the vice president of the U. Hillary Clinton and the Palm Beach Post. As of this date, no one has answered it, except Gov. Crist, who just recommended all the avenues I have already tried. I am sure it can be edited to get the important infor- mation. Does anyone out there know how to do this? Dear Mr. Vice President: I really don't believe that you will personally read this, but I am writing anyway.

I am a year-old woman who has lived in the United States all my life. I have worked for more than 35 years. Now when I need help, I can't get it. I got hurt on the job. I have a torn tendon in my right rotator cuff. I am also right handed. It took worker's com- pensation almost five months to send me to a doctor. The first one only worked on the physical therapy part, and when she found out what was wrong, she recommended one of the partners to do the repair.

I was told that the only way to fix my arm was with surgery. It then took another month before the surgery was approved. I was hurt May 27 or 29, , finally went to doctor at the beginning of Octo- ber and had surgery Jan. I had physical therapy for a while, but my arm never healed properly so that I could use it.

I requested a second opinion and finally got to another doctor, but in the meantime, the one who did the surgery classified me as maximum medical improvement with a 4 percent or 5 percent permanent disability. My new doctor then let me know that the doctor never repaired my rotator cuff, he just cleaned it out. He told me the only way to repair my arm was with surgery, he never mentioned that there was a possibility that he would not do that.

Now my new doctor said that the tear is larger and that I need a complete rotator cuff rebuild. The one who did sur- gery never would have gotten my approval for surgery just to clean it out. I can do less now than before my surgery. Now worker's comp does not want to approve my surgery. They have cut out all payments to me and their attorney told me that I was not an employee of Albertson's, LLC, I was an employ- ee of Albertson's, Inc.

I was not eligible for light-duty work there and I was sent home two months after they let me go back to work on light duty. I was hurt in May and Albert- son's was sold. Their attorney told me to get another job at the last mediation and my attorney said to apply for unemployment so I did, which has been denied twice now.

The first time they said that there was unemployment pay reported for me in April so I had to send them all my pay stubs. Now they say that Albertson's said I am on leave and will be guaranteed re-hired when I come back. Why did their attorney say that I couldn't come back unless I am percent? They will not approve my surgery so that I can be fixed and I can't get unemployment or any other help.

I am going to lose my home to foreclosure, because without any money coming in, I have no way to pay my mortgage. I only have regular TV now because I have no money for cable or satellite, no cell phone, the church paid my last electric bill and my mother paid my last phone bill. My daughter is going to send the money back to her because I used to help her, and now she is also on the verge of losing her home. I don't know what to do anymore, but I now have an understanding why so many people turn to crime.

I wish I was still ignorant in that matter. I don't know what or even if you can help, but I do feel better letting someone else know what is happening to the American people. Every time I ask a company worker's comp, food stamps, etc. The second question is are you Latino? Maybe if I was one of these or an immigrant I could get help.

Daily Vibe. Never Lend Money to Friends. Replacing Negative Thoughts with Positive. You might take out a Poll: Animal Shelters. Latest Articles. Expect Slow Re-Payment. Make a Checklist. Remember the IRS. No Secrets. The Bottom Line. Key Takeaways Treat loans to friends and family as business and keep all your emotions out of it.

Don't expect to be paid back but if you do, expect it to be on a slow timeline. Make a checklist of questions you need to answer before you open the coffers. Consider gifting the money instead of loaning it.

Don't keep the loan secret from your spouse. Compare Accounts. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. Related Articles.

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  1. Label: Mozzy Records - none • Format: 15x, File AAC, Album • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Celly Ru - Money Family Respect (, File) | Discogs Explore4/5(1).
  2. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Celly Ru - Money Family Respect at Discogs. Complete your Celly Ru collection.4/5(1).
  3. Nov 01,  · Check out Money Family Respect [Explicit] by Cellyru on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on
  4. Dec 11,  · Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Never Leak · Cellyru · Philthy Rich Money Family Respect ℗ Cellyru Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.
  5. CellyRu - Money Family Respect. , CD, Rap, Sacramento, California, Mozzy Records, Money Family Respect, Wet Graphics.
  6. Nov 02,  · Money Family Respect Licensed to YouTube by CD Baby (on behalf of Mozzy Records); BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., CD Baby Pro (Publishing), and 2 Music Rights Societies.
  7. Nov 02,  · #DOPE! @CellyRuMFR uses the three most important things in his life as the title for his brand new Album, “Money Family Respect”. The #HellGang Spitta continues his NonStop hustle, delivering 15 raw new slaps for the streets, including guest appearances from Mozzy, Philthy Rich, Joe Blow, E Mozzy, Kunta, Dojia V., Lil Dallas, Young Bubbz, and more!
  8. Nov 07,  · Never Leak f. Philthy Rich Almost Shitted f. Mitchy Slick & Mozzy I Aint Never f. Kunta Man Down f. E Mozzy, Kunta & Mozzy Hella Long f. Lil Dallas No in Between f. Mozzy Twin, Twin Mozzy & Kunta Show Me f. Joe Blow Kant Remember f. .
  9. Nov 02,  · Money Family Respect Licensed to YouTube by CD Baby (on behalf of Mozzy Records); CD Baby Pro (Publishing), BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., and 3 Music Rights Societies.

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