Ocean Of Hunger (Live In Spain 2009) - Psychotica - Black Dahlia (CDr)

The murder of Beth Short was a long, elaborate killing, and I doubt seriously that a man who was losing his mind could have done it. In fact I am now convinced that more than one person was involved.

Still I believe Bayley is a very interesting suspect. Mary Pacios's book is great if you want to learn more about the "real" Elizabeth, the girl behind the murder. Sadly a lot of people doesn't even know who was the Black Dahlia, a lot of people doesn't know who she was, doesn't even know her name. Pacios's book is very touching, and show us that Beth was a great person, a nice girl, not the bum or the tease that some investigators claims she was.

She wasn't perfect, but she was a decent human being, and Pacios's book is very respectful of Beth, I think everybody should try to learn more about Beth instead of learning more about the way she died. Sadly Pacios's theory that Beth was killed by Orson Wells is simply ridiculous and laughable, probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever read in my life.

But hey, I guess she needed a little "extra" to sell the idea to her publisher, a "bombshell" to surprise people, perhaps because the publishers believed a book only about Elizabeth Short and not about her murder wouldn't sell. Just another tragedy and injustice to Elizabeth. About Chandler: I still don't know why the most powerful man in LA, a man who could have any women he wanted, would have a relationship with a "nobody" like Beth. No disrespect to Beth, she was a good girl and a great human being, but let's face it: she was a nobody and a lost girl.

Why a guy like Chandler would have had a relationship with Beth is beyond me , the guy could have dated almost any actress in Hollywood. Oh I know, you can't control love or decide with who you'll fall in love, but Wolfe's claims that Beth knew Chandler is based on nothing more than the ramblings of one of his drunk friend, and he offers absolutely no evidences that Beth and Chandler even knew each other, even less evidences that Beth was pregnant with his child.

It seems like Wolfe's theory is based on fiction and fantasy rather than on facts. Again no disrespect to Beth, she was a good girl, but she was broke all the time and she borrowed money from almost anybody she knew.

If indeed she had a serious relationship with Chandler like Wolfe claims then I doubt she would have had to find a place to sleep on a daily or weekly basis, I'm sure Chandler would have helped her. Also I doubt very seriously that Chandler would have allowed Bugsy, Greenberg and cie. Orson Welles huh? Well, maybe if Daffy Duck was involved as his co-conspirator Whoa, that one's out of left field!

I agree that more should be known about Beth Short than just her death but we wouldn't be discussing her if she'd been a housewife and died in her bed.

No-one deserves to die the way BD did, but her lifestyle certainly didn't help her. The actual facts that we have about her in LA are surprisingly few. She could have been a good time girl, she could have been a naive waif. She certainly told lots of people lots of stories about herself and somewhere in there has to be the truth. I agree that Bayley wasn't a well man and that doesn't help trying to fit him into the puzzle.

But you can't discount the fact that his house and the dump site were a block away from each other. I don't think Bayley tortured her and I have no idea if Siegel was involved but the slashing of the mouth and the other torture inflicted on her are certainly , IMO, signs of a sadist.

So if not the Bug, then someone a lot like him. Lots of interesting stories in this link. Thanks for the link Pinupgirl. This "psychic" is, in all probability, a fraud. I'm a very open minded guy but I doubt seriously that people can communicate with the deads. We are supposed to believe that this person "connected" with Beth Short without having any evidences to back up the story!?

Laughable at best. The link you shared is nothing more than a mix of "copy and paste" from SEVERED and fiction, no doubt in my mind that the entire article is nothing more than a well researched hoax.

A well researched story with some mistakes in it. We went to the Biltmore Hotel, and she showed me her room, nothing spectacular, a simple room, only a few of her personal things in it. So this person claims that she "went" with Beth to the Biltmore and that Beth showed her her room.

Well it's impossible since Beth didn't had a room at the Biltmore, she went there to meet somebody she claims it was to meet her sister, but it was somebody else and didn't rented a room there. This is proof that the story is nothing more than a hoax, fiction. If indeed this person would have "connected" to Beth she would have known this important piece of information. Huge mistake. Designed in a distinctive Mayan block style, the building—known as Sowden House, is now considered a Hollywood landmark.

Though the LAPD investigated George Hodel as one of more than 20 viable suspects in the Black Dahlia case—including seven doctors—they are not prepared to say decisively that he was her killer. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you.

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Examiner and L. Last Updated: January 27, PM.

Aug 28,  · Tortured, hacked in half and drained of blood: Horrific Black Dahlia murder mystery is finally 'solved' 70 years on. Elizabeth Short was just 22 when she was murdered in the most savage way - .

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  1. Black Dahlia, an album by Psychotica on Spotify. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, Ocean of Hunger - Live in Spain 6. Monsoon - Live in Spain 7. Too Late - Live in Spain More by Psychotica.
  2. Black Dahlia. 1: Black Dahlia: 2: Telephone Line (ELO) 3: Palendrome: 4: Ocean Of Hunger (Live in Spain ) 5: Monsoon (Live in Spain ) 6: Too Late (Live in Spain ).
  3. Nov 14,  · Provided to YouTube by DistroKid Too Late (Live in Spain ) · Psychotica Black Dahlia ℗ Toxic Shock Records Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.
  4. Dec 21,  · Potential break in the 'Black Dahlia' case. Fox Author Piu Eatwell claims that new shocking details may help solve America's most grisly murder, nicknamed 'The Black Dahlia.'.
  5. Severed: The True Story of the Black Dahlia Murder is a American historical true crime book by John adtaralearniga.guabnetdmembrebeddatiridmezarpoxi.co book details the life and death of Elizabeth Short, also known as "The Black Dahlia," an infamous murder victim whose mutilated body was found in Leimert Park, Los Angeles in , and whose murder has remained unsolved for decades. Author: John Gilmore.
  6. Elizabeth Short (July 29, – January 15, ), known posthumously as the "Black Dahlia", was an American woman who was found murdered in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Her case became highly publicized due to the graphic nature of the crime, which included her corpse having been mutilated and bisected at the waist.
  7. May 14,  · “Murders leave behind them a trail of fingerprints, bits of skin and hair. The slayer of “The Black Dahlia” left the most tell-tale clue of all–the murder pattern of a degenerate, vicious feminine mind.” The autopsy revealed morbid details but it wasn't especially lengthy. Generally it read that Elizabeth Short was 5 feet 5 inches ( m) tall,.
  8. Mar 02,  · New Findings confirm Cadaver Dog Buster’s search and “alert” to human remains at the property as well as the DA/LAPD Investigative reports that documented detectives original suspicions that a victim might be buried on the residence property. HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA—Dr. Arpad Vass, renowned forensic anthropologist, and the prosecution’s star-witness in the recent Casey.

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