Sacrificial Shack - Pain Teens - Sacrificial Shack (Vinyl)

We also chose to embrace all the limitations that this entailed. Even though we have always been present in this created universe, we now became flesh and blood.

This way of describing the incarnation goes beyond what Scripture says. It is misleading to suggest that the Father and Spirit spoke themselves into existence as the Son. According to Scripture, the Son eternally existed with the Father, one with Him and in very nature God John ; Philippians , and was sent into the world by the Father John ; Galatians The implication is that the Father suffered on the cross with Christ.

Although Colossians teaches that the fullness of the deity lived in bodily form in Christ Colossians , , and Jesus did say that He and the Father are one John , nowhere does the New Testament suggest that the Father became human or suffered physically on the cross. Of course it may be unfair to suggest that Young was intending to convey patripassianism, and it would not seem to fit with the quotation above from page , which presents an orthodox view of the trinity. It seems likely that the image of the Father bearing wounds was simply intended to emphasise the spiritual and emotional pain that He experienced as Christ died on the cross.

In this sense Young is countering another deficient view which is the impassibility of God, meaning the claim that God is incapable of suffering, which entered Christian theology from Greek philosophy see McGrath, p. It may also be an attempt to challenge poor illustrations that are used to describe the cross, and especially the explanation of the atonement that is generally called penal substitution.

So, then, Driscoll would appear to be unfair in claiming that the book represents Modalism, but these two passages of the book certainly do have the potential to lead the reader into error if not compared carefully with Scripture. The Shack suggests that hierarchy of any form is the result of sin, and we will return to this claim in the section entitled The Shack on … Hierarchy and Authority. For now, however, our attention must turn to the issue of hierarchy in the trinity.

We are indeed submitted to one another and have always been so and always will be. Papa is as much submitted to me as I am to him, or Sarayu to me, or Papa to her. This is simply unbiblical. Whilst it is entirely correct to say that Jesus lived in submission to His Father during His time on earth see, for example, John and , there is no suggestion in Scripture that the Father submits to the Son. This appears to be an attempt by Young to avoid the obvious implication that submission does not always have to be equal in both directions between two parties.

Scripture speaks of the Father sending the Son into the world Galatians and the Spirit into the lives of believers John , and of Jesus baptising people with the Spirit e.

It may be wrong to call this a hierarchy, as all three remain equal in power, but it is equally wrong to deny that there is an order within the trinity that cannot be equally valid if reversed. Before leaving the topic of the trinity, it is worth remembering that it is impossible for us to fully understand the trinity. Who wants to worship a God who can be fully comprehended, eh?

Not much mystery in that. Some reviewers appear to have given Young the benefit of the doubt on the basis that no one can hope to explain the mysteries of the trinity fully. Although this is true, I would argue that an inability to explain something fully should not be an excuse for missing what can be known about it or presenting a distorted version of it.

What makes a great work of fiction? Is it, perhaps, the quality of the writing? On this score The Shack ranks averagely. Whilst it is generally well written, it is no literary masterpiece. Once again, The Shack fails to impress. The book is basically about an encounter of a man with the trinity in a shack. The story that surrounds this encounter lacks originality and depth.

It is on this score, which is probably the most important measure for the postmodern mindset, that The Shack hits the jackpot. The Shack is innovative, interesting and provocative in its approach to theological concepts, and it could serve as a helpful primer for discussion of issues such as the trinity, the character of God and the problem of human suffering.

It is vital, however, that these issues should be discussed in light of Scripture. The Shack is firmly orthodox in a number of important respects:. These are not minor, peripheral issues in theology.

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Now this looks like a party many Britons could get behind. Algora Blog. Entertainment stories from Newsday. They also included guitar, violin, marimba, saxophone, percussion, and many other musical instruments. Beginning in , Pain Teens released nine cassette tapes and two LPs on their own Anomie Records label, all of which went out of print.

The group was signed to King Coffey 's Trance Syndicate label for their offbeat-yet-nightmarish psychedelic music—similar to labelmates Crust and Coffey's band, Butthole Surfers. Drummer Frank Garymartin and bassist Kirk Carr joined the band in The Pain Teens broke up in Blood moved to New York City that year and began playing solo gigs on her ukulele doing s tunes and original music, playing with guitarist Al Street and forming several groups, including The Moonlighters in

Pain Teens was an experimental noise rock band formed in Houston, Texas in by Scott Ayers and Bliss Blood. The band used tape manipulation, digital delays, sampling, tape cut-ups and other effects in their music. They also included guitar, violin, marimba, saxophone, percussion, and many other musical instruments.

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  1. Dec 15,  · Sacrificial Shack / Sweetheart, a Single by Pain Teens. Released in on C/Z (catalog no. CZ; Vinyl 7"). Genres: Noise Rock, Psychedelic Rock/5(2).
  2. Sacrificial Shack ~ Release group by Pain Teens. Overview; Aliases; Tags; Details; Edit; Single. Release Format Tracks Country/Date Label Catalog# Barcode; Official; Sacrificial Shack: 7" Vinyl: 2: US ; C/Z Records: CZ Release group information Artist: Pain Teens Type: Single Rating. Genres (none) Other tags (none) See all tags. Editing.
  3. Pain Teens: Sacrificial Shack (as Armin) Pain Teens - Sacrificial Shack (The True Story Of The Satanistic Cult Killings In Matamoros, Mexico) (Single) 2 versions: C/Z Records: US: Sell This Version.
  4. Jan 18,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - After Party with Bliss Blood - Sacrificial Shack (Pain Teens) YouTube Pain Teens - Live at CBGB's () [FULL SET] - Duration: Jason Pizzolato 1, views.
  5. Profile: The Pain Teens were formed in Houston, Texas by Bliss Blood and Scott Ayers in although it took them two years to get around to gigging and putting out an album.
  6. Pain Teens: 1: Single. Year Title Artist Rating Releases; Sacrificial Shack: Pain Teens: 1: Death Row Eyes / The Smell: Pain Teens: 1: Showing official release groups by this artist. Show all release groups instead, or show various artists release groups.
  7. Pain Teens discography and songs: Music profile for Pain Teens, formed Genres: Noise Rock, Experimental Rock, Industrial. Albums include Destroy Me, Lover, Born in Blood, and Stimulation Festival.
  8. SHACK Vinyl Records and CDs Shack are an English band formed in Liverpool in Shack Discography Price Guide Recently Listed Email Alerts.

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