While The World Burns - Svavar Knútur - Ölduslóð (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Tyler Lewis. Molten Rock by VanWyck. Tense, moody, guitar-forward songs from VanWyck that emphasize tension and fragility. The Dark Night in D. Explore music. Purchasable with gift card. Dansa is the second part of a two part composition, leading from my discovery that I was very depressed about my father's death to my resolution to start my journey to redemption.

Tags folk indie alt-folk folkrock singer-songwriter. Hey hey guys! I'm super happy to make this announcement today! Ahoy my wonderful cousins and friends in Canada! Hello my dear friends!

Hey you guys! Just wanted you to know that my new single The Hurting is out and it's going well! Just wanted to let you guys know that there's a lot of stuff going on.

Warum verschwundene Spuren und verborgene Pfade beweinen? Was immer in deinem Leben geschieht, wohin die Halme sich neigen, kein schlechtes Ende, Emma, wirst du sehen.

Denn alles, was zerrissen wird, kann man irgendwann heilen. English Translation: Way of waves, poems of the sea, bound in words. Northern glow, a flood of light, we walked before. The pictures, black and white, and everything they keep.

And everywhere, and all that was, is the memory of you, so clear. Dark sea, soft snow, we met in secret. A choir of stars, snow shoes, sat on a rock. Pictures, black and white, and everything they keep. And all that was and everywhere, is the memory of you, so clear. The promises got lost, one by one. But the dreams still live, although everything has changed. Way of waves, poems of the sea, bound in words. Northern glow, the road silently, we walked before. Nordglut, Strahlenflut, einst gingen wir.

Dunkle See, weicher Schnee, wir trafen uns heimlich. Weg der Wellen, Wogenlied, gebunden in Worten. Humble hymn We walk a lifetime and lose our treasures. But in the end our fortune is measured by our fading scars. Without our failure there's no redemption. And so we take our chances to fall and rise with equal grace.

God bless our mistakes. Let our bubbles break. Let us be thankful for our foolish pride. The air between us is filled with silence. Our words were never spoken from fear of our rejection. So tell your stories and ask your questions. Regrets are made for losing. Embrace our imperfections. Soundtracks I dream of a bicycle ride with my girl by my side.

Drifting by in a haze as we vacantly gaze. English translation: All that is, burns, turns, from the hard weathers of the world. A colony of vultures devours men's hearts in such times. But one winter sun I know, that gives shelter to my heart. Without you, everything is like glass, and the future in cold flames.

Tell me, how you'd like, to meet me for a parley. Then a glow into my cave, would shine so fair. One maiden, this poor fellow, longs to feel arms embracing. For now will a glow ever so fair, light my cave. Ohne dich ist alles wie Glas und die Zukunft in eisigen Flammen. Wenn auch mein Boot in Zukunft nicht mehr segelt, ich werde es nie beklagen. English translation: Come tonight, come to me, let's run away. Hold me tight, hold me fast, let us run away.

Come tonight, come to me. Let's fly. And over a starlit night, we may glide. And if the sun comes up, we'll just ask her to wait a little longer. We don't need to go, there's no hurry, we'll cuddle a little longer.

Halt mich fest, halt mich fest, lass uns los fliegen. Komm heute Nacht, komm her zu mir, lass uns los laufen. Over mountains and valleys, a distant land. Where I before, roamed in pain.

Seeking shelter on a barren sand, roamed alone on a barren sand. The fog will be lit by the glow of the moon. My tracks in the sand, eternal trouble, let them dissappear into the abyss, dissapear into the dark abyss of the mind. Find your own way, your journey will be more beautiful. Go your own way, don't tread into my tracks, follow not, my daughter, in my footsteps. Sometimes, nothing is seen, neither mountains nor fjords, the anguish is complete, all is lost.

But never lose your hope my child. Then every blizzard will be tender to you. And before long the sun will shine, soon it will warm your footsteps. Dort, wo zuvor ich leidend schwankte, Unterschlupf suchend am verlassenen Strand, wandelte allein am verlassenen Strand.

Meine Spuren im Sand, ein ewiges Dilemma. Lass sie verschwinden im Abgrund, verschwinden in der rabenschwarzen Tiefe des Geistes. Finde deine eigenen Wege. Geh auf deinen eigenen Pfaden. Folge nicht meiner Fahrt. Svavar Knutur. One of my awesomemost favorite bands, Yunioshi, and their sibling band Spaceships are cool. You should give them a listen. Folk with just a touch of biblical lyricism and a wide open heart. One of my favourite running albums. Wintergatan - Full Album by Wintergatan.

Also love Tornado have to get separately theresajayne. Molten Rock by VanWyck. Bettina Ney. Katrin K. Hans van Wijk. Asher Woolverton. Karl Grunick. Rhys Hughes. Johann Antensteiner. Geoffrey L. Purchasable with gift card. Wanderlust - Friends in a village in the Faroe Islands

Songs of Weltschmerz, Waldeinsamkeit and Wanderlust - EP by Svavar Knutur, released 24 March 1. Vetrarsól - Live in Reykhólar village 2. Undir Birkitré - Live in Reykhólar 3. Wanderlust - Friends in a village in the Faroe Islands 4. In stiller Nacht - Stormy night home recording This is my little EP of songs of Weltschmerz, Waldeinsamkeit and Wanderlust.

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  1. While the world burns by Svavar Knútur and Markéta Irglová, released 18 September Some people say the end is near and some say that it's already here. But I won't feel the slightest fear, if my arms are full of you.
  2. While The World Burns Lyrics: Some people say the end is near / And some say that it's already here / But I won't feel the slightest fear / If my arms are full of you / Maybe we will suffocate.
  3. Auf Discogs können Sie sich ansehen, wer an light blue Vinyl von Ölduslóð mitgewirkt hat, Rezensionen und Titellisten lesen und auf dem Marktplatz nach der Veröffentlichung suchen.5/5(1).
  4. Svavar Knútur – Ölduslóð LP. Tracklist. Baby, Would You Marry Me? While The World Burns: Emma: Ölduslóð: Humble Hymn: Soundtracks: Vetrarsól: Komdu: Spor: Prayer For The Dead: Availability: 5 á lager. Svavar Knútur - Ölduslóð LP quantity. (green vinyl) LP kr. Setja í körfu. Pop / Rock / Indie Flekar – Swamp.
  5. Die LP Svavar Knútur: Ölduslóð jetzt für 18,99 Euro kaufen. Mehr von Svavar Knútur gibt es im Shop.
  6. Aug 28,  · Knútur does well to create a finale that, while seemingly despairing, seems strangely hopeful, mirroring the feelings he tried to convey at the start of the record. With the album split between Knútur’s native Icelandic and English, sporadically jumping between the two, Ölduslóð makes for one incredible release.
  7. Ölduslóð (Way of waves) by Svavar Knútur, released 18 September 1. Svavar Knútur and Markéta Irglová - Baby, would you marry me? 2. Svavar Knútur and Markéta Irglová - While the world burns 3. Emma 4. Ölduslóð 5. Humble Hymn 6. Soundtracks 7. Vetrarsól 8. Komdu 9. Spor Svavar Knútur and Markéta Irglová - Prayer for the dead.
  8. Þriðja sólaplata söngvaskáldsins Svavars Knúts ber heitið Ölduslóð og hefur að geyma tíu frumsamin lög sem fjalla á einn eða annan hátt um dásemdir hversdagsleikans og margbreytileika tilverunnar. Á plötunni koma fram með Svavari tékkneska söngkonan Markéta Irglová, Helgi Hrafn Jónsson, fjöllistamaður, Pétur Grétarsson, slagverksleikari og Kristín Lárusdóttir.
  9. Let it burn, burn, burn. Crushed by the oceans mighty waves or ripped apart by robotic slaves. I won't mind the crowded graves, if my arms are full of you. Burned alive by bitter ash or a supernovas blinding flash. I won't feel that biting lash, if my arms are full of you. I just want to hold you while the world burns. Let it burn, burn, burn.

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